What would you do: Road Rage

What would you do in this road rage situation?

How would you deal with an out of control driver who gets out of his car to approach you?

A few things to notice:

  • You can’t get away because his car is blocking yours
  • Should you or your passenger get out of the car?
  • Do you know when you can draw your firearm in this situation?

Stay in the car and call 911.

If the “road rager” has a weapon (like a baseball bat or tire iron) I might go ahead and draw to see if he is targeting my car or me and my passengers and then make a decision.

Also, depending on the vehicle I’m in, I have no issue with forcefully moving his vehicle out of my path with my car and getting out of there (especially if he starts swinging a bat around). I’ve got a pretty good sized truck and it could move the SUV in the scenario with no problems at which point I’d make my way to a police station.


Stay in car, call Police, take video, get physical descriptions if I possibly don’t think I can remember, again record video, get license plate and description of what he is driving.
Illinois Castle Doctrine excludes protection of all property **Unless there is eminent danger of Death to the victim and criminals do have rights.


I always try to pull all the way forward in parking places, so I can go back or forward to get out. If I was in that video, I would call 911 or police, stay in the car, react according to how much more than yelling the person did outside my vehicle. No need for the passenger(s) to exit the vehicle.


The following is opinion: based on my training and experiences both in tactical and law. I don’t presume to know “the right” answer, and offer these opinions as a single perspective.

Though I am a USCCA instructor, I am not a spokesperson for them. #HappyDisclaimer

These are great scenarios to talk about.
I would like to hear if people agree with their assessment.

This is a contrived scenario to create discussion and thought, so I get it can’t be a total review of everything possible that may happen. That said, I think there are a few holes in their analysis.

If your car is pinned in, my legal and tactical training tells me to get out of the car. However, getting out to get a better video is not a great idea — it’s a terrible idea.

In the beginning, the woman rolls up her window. Excellent tactic. That should not be overlooked. She is in a tactically tough spot.

The husband (boyfriend, brother etc) getting out is both a superior move tactically and legally. Staying on his side of the car is a must. Don’t approach. This gives the woman and escape route since her door is blocked and provides better legal grounds for the couple.

There’s a bunch to say about this and much is how we interpret the videos as presented. I’m always looks for a solution to deescalate without weapons.

Castle doctrine is a tough subject for me. I believe in it’s legal essence but I think it is always misunderstood from a tactical stand point. It terrible tactics. (I can write more on this later if you want.)

I like this Lawyer Tom guy.


That’s an interesting angle to approach that with. I hadn’t considered it in the vein of preemptive escape route in case the driver’s side becomes compromised. The husband/boyfriend could even drag her out if necessary.

hhhmm :thinking:


Stay in the vehicle. If the other party presents a weapon, put it in gear and hammer it. If that’s just isn’t possible, like my vehicle is disabled, I’ll draw and have my gun just out of sight, only if they are armed.


Looks all of us have the same opinion.
I’ll go further -> watch this, and learn what NOT TO DO !!!


If the engine was already turned off, I would crank the engine.

Next I would inform the “bad guy” that 911 was on the phone and the Police are on the way - whether they are or not. In the meantime I would be pressing the “9” button on my dash because I’ve set my phone and vehicles up to speed dial 911 via Bluetooth. Not breaking stride I would put my vehicle in Reverse and cut the wheels hard Right.

I would actively verbally recommend he needs to drop it and go on his way. He can shout, beat my car however much he wants, but if he pulls a gun, I’m gunning the throttle - remember the wheels are turned hard Right. He will as a minimum be pushed away by the left front quarter panel and I should be able to knock his vehicle far enough around I can drive away.


Great conversation here everyone! Every situation is going to be different, but even considering what you might do will help you if you ever encounter something similar. Reading other people’s suggestions will also give you some additional variations to contemplate.

Your body can’t go where your mind hasn’t been.


Stay calm. Dont do anything . don’t move around keep your hands in open site. Maybe he/she jyst needs to run off at the mouth. Remember with things like that your not sure what happened before he/she got to you. If he/ she goes to touch you try putting your hands arms up to block them. Watch what you say so things don’t get out of hand.


Great point, @Catherine2! Be cautious and be aware. There is a chance that the aggressor will run their mouth and go away. And be prepared to handle it if they don’t.


Be aware enough that you don’t get in this situation of being pinned in. Ignore the individual as much as possible. Arguing with these people is a waste of time. Lock the doors and don’t make eye contact. Getting out of a safe zone and acting aggressive is bad advice, no matter who you are. Of course call 911. If they proceed to force entry, and you fear for your life, then and only then draw your weapon. If they proceed with aggression you then have no choice.

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Car windows are strong. A crazy individual once tried to punch my side window out - stopped his aggression right after, probably due to broken knuckle :slight_smile:

Being on a bike while someone is trying to get you is another thing. How does Castle Doctrine apply to a bike?

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@Alexander8, I’ll give you the @Tom_Grieve and @MikeBKY response: check your local listings.

As every state is different, you’ll want to consult your state laws and either local law enforcement or a self-defense attorney in your area.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you. It’s a great question - I’ll be consulting a great self-defense attorney next time he’s in the office for his take on Wisconsin’s laws regarding a bike/motorcycle. :smiley:


In Kentucky, the castle doctrine applies to vehicles which is a very broad category including all motor vehicles which include motorcycles.

(a) The person against whom the defensive force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcibly entering or had unlawfully and forcibly entered a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, or if that person had removed or was attempting to remove another against that person’s will from the dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle.


I would stay in the car with doors locked and windows up. Dial 911 and plan what you are going to do while the Police arrive. I would be gently ramming his/her car out of the way to try to escape since the person is out the car you have the advantage. I travel with my family 99% of the time so I would not draw my weapon unless the idiot pulls out a firearm or is about to break my window with or without a weapon at which point I would have to protect everyone in the car.