Clinch Picks and Push Daggers?

I ran into some videos on these videos on Warrior Poet Society today. I’ve always found fixed blades, especially with these designs to be very intimidating to carry (I used to think carrying guns was intimidating too). That being said, they seem to be very functional blades. I specifically like the clench pick, in that it can be used even if your hands get entangled and you can’t get to your gun.

I live in the great state of Texas, so I’ll have to verify the laws, but I’m pretty sure I could carry a Katana if I wanted to here :joy:. Even if it’s legal, should I worry about carrying a scary looking as far as self defense use?


I believe we can carry swords in Texas.


I knew I loved Texas.


Also looking at the Ka-Bar TDI. I like that the Ka-Bar could work as a utility knife wear as the clinch pick is pretty much just self defense.

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Scoutbob, I saw you got arrested and booked by a young officer. How did you get out of jail?

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:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face: :rofl::joy::rofl:


The only warning I’d caution you about push daggers is the likelihood that the dagger can fold back and rip your hand’s syndactyly (the webbing between your fingers). I had an instructor friend show me how he thrust a push dagger out and the dagger bent backwards and unfortunately cut his webbing pretty severely.

some of the push daggers don’t offer a lot of grip and they can twist in your hand so be careful.

Thank you :grimacing:.

I actually ordered a TDI. It’s affordable, it’s popular among law enforcement, and it can still easily function as a utility knife.

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In the state I live in I can carry up to 12’ knife without a permit. If the blade is longer than 12’ I need a conceal carry permit. I have my ccw license so I always carry my Kabar.

I agree knives are very intimidating. in my opinion I would much rather take a bullet than be stabbed even with a sharp blade.

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I have the Ka-Bar TDI as well and I like it. It comes with a retention holster and is legally concealable in NV.

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I want to get an EDC knife as well and I found some necklace knives that I think would work well. Anybody have experience with such knives? Do they print? Are they as easily accessible as they seem to be?

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I carry a $13 tac-force Karambit side ways on my belt because i can’t afford a real clinch pick

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I did get the tdi. I ordered an aftermarket holster so I can horizontal carry it. It is part of my daily carry!

I have been thinking about a fixed blade for carry. Need to look into my city and state laws. Not sure what all is legal.

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I’ve made the TDI part of my EDC for about a month now. I like it. I’ll explain why.

  1. It was designed for law enforcement as a last resort weapon. If, God forbid, I ever use it for self defense, It is a common toll utilized by law enforcement and they may be useful in court.

  2. It is designed to be used with a clinched fist, so simple boxing techniques can be utilized with the knife. I don’t have the money or time to pay for super specialized training, and the techniques for boxing are very very simple and effective.

  3. It works well as a utility knife. The clinch pick and push daggers would work but they’d be weird for this function. This means I get use out of it no matter what :man_shrugging:t2:.

I carry it appendix in a cross draw position that can be reached by both hands. I also bought a new aftermarket holster that allows me to carry it a little more horizontal so it doesn’t jab into my stomach. I still use the holster that came with it depending on what I’m doing or if I’m in a hurry (the stock holster is much quicker to clip on, but less comfortable).

Would you link the holster please, I would be curious to see? I’ve often thought it would be more effective being more horizontal than straight up and down.

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Matthew’s Fabrication Kabar TDI - Kydex Knife Sheath

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