Civil War; Comments about the movie

I bit the bullet and went to see Civil War last night.

It was so hard to watch the movie, I thought about getting up and leaving a few times. But I stuck it out.

The images of a nation horribly, violently divided left me sad as much as it made me shocked. Watching hostile troops engaging an absurdly fortified Whitehouse, recognizing the streets I’ve spent so much time on, seeing buildings I’ve been in gutted with explosions and flames…it was sobering.

Worse, seeing Americans, once united, now insanely paranoid and animal-like, engaging in acts that would be described as barbaric at best, was revolting.

This movie is fiction. I do not believe our nation is headed the way the movie portrays. Yet, with all the divisions we presently face, Civil War, the movie, might be a good wake-up call to remind us of how good we have had and continue to have it here in these United States.

Every American, starting right here in this group, can embrace a narrative of respect, cooperation, humility, and love of God, country and our fellow, even if politically opposite our own views. Our founding fathers didn’t agree on everything. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill didn’t, either. Our system enables the best of human nature to prevail.

Having seen a horrifying, dystopian future at the movie theater last night, I am more convinced than ever that we all must lay down our rhetorical swords and listen to all people with respect, patience and a willingness to compromise for the long term health of our republic.


I haven’t seen the movie. Though, as I have said before, I am quite convinced that the only winners in a second U.S. civil war would be the Russians, Chinese and other enemies of a free United States.


It seems to me that if we simplified the laws and enforced them, we wouldn’t have most of the strife we have today.



[quote="Mat, post:1, topic:103066"] I bit the bullet and went to see Civil War last night.

It was so hard to watch the movie, I thought about getting up and leaving a few times. But I stuck it out.

The images of a nation horribly, violently divided left me sad as much as it made me shocked. Watching hostile troops engaging an absurdly fortified Whitehouse, recognizing the streets I’ve spent so much time on, seeing buildings I’ve been in gutted with explosions and flames…it was sobering.

Worse, seeing Americans, once united, now insanely paranoid and animal-like, engaging in acts that would be described as barbaric at best, was revolting.

Well and eloquently said Mat.

Not yet seen the film. I had not yet accepted it that way, but it makes sense, how such - especially on the big screen, can churn one’s stomach.

Even if we face a “Cold” Civil War, may we all stay together – which is what makes our country uniquely strong.


I watched the movie when it premiered in my town. Three thoughts on this movie:

  1. It was not a Civil War movie at all. It was a movie about the relationship between 3 journalists.

  2. As a “Civil War” movie, it sucked. 1 out of 5 stars is being generous.

  3. As a story about the developing personal relationships between 3, maybe 4 journalists, it was OK. Maybe a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Trouble is, it is billed as a “Civil War” movie, it is not. I went to see what might possibly be an insight into what a US Civil War might look like. It failed miserably. It was a terrible “Rambo” style production. On the other hand, it was interesting to see a young womans relationship with an older mentor develop and how the two eventually trade roles by the end of the movie.


I saw the movie, I wasn’t impressed. To be honest I thought it was… Let’s say, a waste of my money (I saw it for free and still thought it was a waste of my money and time.


I disagree vehemently. That is part of the problem right now, with this rogue administration. Conservatives have been being the adults in the room, while the Progressive Liberals have rained down chaos on our Country. It takes both sides being reasonable and adulting. Nothing this Administration has done has been reasonable. They have forced this culture war onto America.

Signing off with something someone said here that I agree :100: with.

I love my Country but I am scared of my Government.


Ding Ding Ding Ding!
Well said Brother.
The time for REASON and offering our back sides to this administration is over
We’ve given ground till our backs are against the wall
(and they are still pushing Total Disarmament)
Just because it is our .gov doing the pushing and Control doesn’t mean they are
the Head of the serpent doing the dirty deeds.
This is Bigger than just Puddin Pants’ Incompetency and ridiculousness.
There is POWER behind this Assault and this administration which is full
of thieves and grifters don’t have the where with all to be the one’s doing it.
They are COLLABERATORS! but not the Power.
That Young lady in Europe in the Vid on another Topic told the story of NWO !
This isn’t about VOTING, Running for Office, or reaching a hand across the aisle anymore.
This is about ENSLAVEMENT, GREED, Power and Total Control. This is EVIL !
And yes, I have said this a lot but the TRUTH hurts and needs to be said (OFTEN)
This fight coming up will make the First Civil War look like a friggin’ Picnic!
This is for all the marbles people.
If we don’t do it right, completely we’ve had it as a Free Country.
THEY want to end us now. Get rid of the Guns and the ‘Trouble makers who own them’
Squash the Resistance—ALL RESTSTANCE!
That was a Bullshite movie by Hollweird to instill fear to the Sheeple.
‘Oh dear’ the big bad Maga’s, Trumpers, Conservatives will bring Violence down on us if Trump gets back in, He will be a Vindictive Dictator!

And just WTF is Biden? With his Illegal Mandates, Economy destroying actions and Laws? Telling us what to buy, when to buy it! Even if we don’t want it! Horse-shite!
We need to cut the Puppets strings
Drain the Swamp
Pave it over and teach our children and grand children there are CONSEQUENCES for EVERY action they choose. You wish to Protest Killing Jewish people? Fine a one way trip ticket to ‘Happyland’ where the friendly muslims will gut your sorry asses and laugh at you as your entrails fall out of your stomachs.
These kids are stupid and they are PAWNS, Useful Idiots ! to be used and discarded when done.
Just look folks at who this .gov is trotting out now to tell the masses how EVIL Donald Trump is: Robert Dinero…please…what that dik’s name who plays ‘Reacher’ Alan somethingorother? who cares, Hollywood is on the .gov payroll. These people are hurting now because of bad decisions and Strikes and NOW they have a new script to read…ALL BIDEN ALL THE TIME I don’t think so.
Look at ‘The spew’ Whoopie and that jack ass Joy beyhar? Rachel Maddows? What’s that idiots name w/ the Glasses?–who cares, Little Georgie Stephenapolis, the flagget Gloria Vanderbuilts son?
They are all in the .gov’s pockets now. Morning Blow Scarborough? I think I just threw up in my mouth!
Remeber , these people are EXPENDABLE current talking heads to do the bidding. Replaceable, but they took the (30) pieces of Silver (or is that Gold?—Inflation–Bidenomics)
This flick was a waste of time
and so is Hollywood now.
Use discernment when viewing shite these days. WHAT LENSE DO YOU SEE INFORMATION WITH THESE DAYS?
If Trump gets CONVICTED he’s OUT! No run for office and there will be WAR in our streets.
If Bidet gets back in we are DONE.
This will not be pretty.
Hard choices will have to be made.



I too do not believe we are headed toward a civil war, but if we did - I get the sense from a societal view, over time, we’d yet divide again on the same societal issues of discord we see today. And as the group shared - vulnerable to other countries.

Part of our “cycle” has been government opinion and decisions out of their D (blue) or R (red) tribe. Back and forth, continuously. Is that how it shall be for all years to come?

Could this be the best we are, today? Is this balanced?

I know a U.S. president has much influence, but not necessarily completely on his/her own. Even if we ended up with a more fair or independent president - that alone may not be enough to regain trust or likability for the government.

Economic health another influencer.

Lots of reasons to love this country. But I often wonder in terms of corruption, if ours fares much better than other countries which scare me from a fairness and just realm - for the average citizen.

I don’t think I’d want to live anywhere else.


An American civil war would be Americans killing other Americans with both sides believing that what emerges would be better than the starting point. Revolutions and civil wars in the last century do not bear that out. The Russian revolution killed millions of Russians only to put the likes of Lenin and Stalin in power who killed tens of millions of Russians. The Chinese revolution/civil war, removed the emperor, killed millions of Chinese and replaced the emperor with Mao and Chaing Kai-Shek. It also left the fate of Taiwan undecided, which threatens the world with another endless war. The German revolution replaced the Weimar Republic with the Nazis to power. The revolutions in Syria and Libya have not brought either country peace or prosperity.

Yet, there are sizable numbers of Americans who seem to long for armed conflict and killing other Americans in the belief that what’s needed now is a modern American Revolution.

Given the folks who now occupy political power and run for office, one should ask whether an American civil war would produce modern versions of Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln, or whether it would produce the American version of Mao and Stalin.


All countries/empires have a life cycle. The “successful” ones rise to power, grow beyond their ability to maintain that power and then collapse, either completely or into a shadow of their former glory. The seemingly inevitable corruption that develops over time along with the exceeding of their ability to acquire and maintain the needed forces and resources to maintain their expansion usually leads them to collapse within a decade or two of reaching their peak.

I would argue the U.S. reached its peak in the 90s. Since then all of our growth has been based on artificially inflated bubbles. The kleptocrats in power have done a remarkable job of delaying the collapse but only by kicking the can down the road. Unfortunately this will only make the eventual collapse significantly more painful for ourselves and especially our children.


Very good reasons for everyone on both extreme sides to take a breath and move a bit more back toward the middle.


Maybe not entirely. It may get people thinking (I know it did for me) about how precious and equally fragile democracy really is.




The title of a book or a movie is a setting.
It is supposed to introduce you to what is within.

This movie is not titled properly. I have seen this a lot lately.
The movie, Leave the world behind is another movie miss titled unless you stay more focused on the little girl in the movie, but it was pretty good. The movie treats this like everyone else does treats the little girl.

I think a zombie movie is a better example of the war that’s to come! The progressive liberals are the zombies, Conservatives are the hope!! The dems are the carriers that spead the infection across the US, destroying everything and every person in their way!!! Just like the movies the only way to stop the infection is…!!! Happy hunting!


"Joe Biden has NO Moral Center’-----Mark Levin 14:21 worth of your time.

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[quote=“Ted44, post:19, topic:103066”]
progressive liberals, conservatives are the zombies!! They are the infection that is speading across the US, destroying everything and every person[/quote]

Hmmm…as a lifelong conservative, I’m thinking we may have different definitions. Regrettably, the very term “conservative” has been hijacked to turn into something it really is not.

Conservatives are very simply people who oppose liberalism, who resist change for change’s sake, who see the value of what generations of Americans have decided on to form the best-functioning societies. Conservatives promote individual liberty, smaller government, lower taxes, and social cohesion. Conservatives see America as an example to the world (American Exceptionalism) for democratic freedoms.

The US Constitution is inherently a conservative (lower case) document in that it values the established traditions of the United States and is deliberately resistant to change. The amendment process requires a super majority at both the federal (66%) and state (75%) levels.

There are extremists on both the left (we call them progressives) and the right (we may call them nationalist, authoritarian, far-right). Neither, in my view, are truly representative of the best that liberalism and conservatism, such as was demonstrated in the Reagan & Tip O’Neill era, can offer.

The true conservatives are those who are trying to hold the country together, while the extremists on the far left and right are either trying to gradually whittle it all away (far left) or foment a violent overthrow (far right).

Move toward the middle, folks - that’s the only way we keep the train on the tracks.


Sorry, that’s what happens when you don’t double check! I’m a Conservative!! I meant to say “The progessive liberals are the zombies”, Conservatives are the hope!!