"WAR, What's it Good for?"---Jim Quinn--'Civil War Film'/Life review No Spoilers

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  • We all know our existing uni-party government is corrupt, evil and hates us. Whether we call it the Deep State, corrupt oligarchy, or corporate fascist totalitarians, it is clear they are our enemy. They are continuing to implement their Great Reset/Great Taking scheme, and will only be stopped through violent means. This movie did not take sides, but did imply the existing government will be defeated. The question is who or what takes their place. Sadly, it is unlikely that a republic will be reborn from the ashes of this empire of debt, delusion and decay.

Civil War was a sobering and depressing movie. I think it is a foreshadowing of what lies ahead. Innocent people will die. Senseless slaughter will be the norm. The boundaries between good and evil will blur. Right and wrong will become meaningless. It will be unclear who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Conflict is upon us. Will the cessation of our Constitution before the upcoming election be the spark that starts this civil war? Where and when will our Fort Sumter moment happen? I don’t know, but I fear it is close upon us.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Adams
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Perhaps this is where we are heading?
It does seem to be increasingly Violent and senseless ‘OUT THERE’ lately doesn’t it?
It wasn’t a depressing movie to me other than the fact that it was about Civil War in America (again!) duh! It’s not like you go to a War movie and expect to see a Romantic Comedy for peats sakes.
But it did make sense (for me) that it all doesn’t make sense at all today…does that make sense? :crazy_face:
I concur with the author though on most of the article that Things have changed dramatically out in our world. Normally I would be a little anxious ‘Packing heat’ in a social setting by like the author wrote my Local theatre was friggin’ deserted . Those who WERE WORKING seemed disinterested in anything.
I brought my own Cokes and munchies (saving probably $30) in the process. I had room to spread out because there were maybe 40 people there waiting to see THE NEXT BIG MOVIE? Curious…No line to get in, parking space near the door etc.
Going out in public isn’t worth it anymore (for now). I was never a Social person, seeing the newest movies or dining at the newest restaurant’s but the mood of my area is just flat now, people are withdrawn, tucked away now. I was also shocked a new flick was only $10 !


Well, it just seems that the deranged, madman Resident is playing with fire with his disarmament agenda, provoking a civil unrest, running around like an unguided missile, accomplishing a whole lot of nothing, not performing any true leadership duties to protect the American citizens, and the United States. This squatter, seriously needs to be ousted completely out of the White House!


Best term I’ve heard yet for the pedophile in charge! It’s exactly what he is a squatter! I recommend a complete fumigation of all related buildings.