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I’ve been attempting to reach out to USCCA (currently waiting for an email response) regarding details of coverage extended to church security volunteers. I was wondering if any of you have inquired about this issue and what your understanding is on the topic. If any of us were involved in an identical situation like the one that recently occurred in the church in Texas, would we be covered by USCCA?


@DAWN, will answer that for you kind sir.

Great question, @DanRyanPI! (Thanks for the tag, @Randall318!)

There are a number of things that will play into that answer, @DanRyanPI. If you are required to carry a gun for the church security and are getting paid to be part of church security, your USCCA Membership would not be able to assist you (as it would be considered part of your “job”).

As an individual (no part of the security team) and you defend yourself and other innocent people there’s a good chance your USCCA membership would be able to assist you. I can’t say 100% for sure as there are multiple other factors that would play into that - I’ve heard some things that I couldn’t even have fathomed before hearing them that factored in (one example: charges not related to self-defense would not be covered).

Does that help, DanRyanPI? I’m betting you might have more questions. Please let me know. Be sure to tag me (@dawn) so I see the comment as quickly as possible.

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Thank you, Dawn. do you know where I might get more detailed information? Are there any articles in the magazine about this issue?

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No problem & thank you for educated answer!

I’m glad to have linked in because that’s some critical info (For church security).

It brings one question into mind…
Do you guys offer any package to law enforcement or certified armed security @dawn?

I don’t mean to get off subject @DanRyanPI, forgive me.

Are you looking for details on group membership for your security team or a more definitive answer about if it would be covered, @DanRyanPI?

Nope, there’s special programs for police officers and those who are required to carry a firearm for their job - it’s not something the USCCA Membership is able to help with.

Great question though, @Randall318.

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@Dawn, what if your safety team members are volunteers for the church and not being paid and are not required to carry when they volunteer? Does that change the scenario you mentioned above or does USCCA consider that they are still on the job?

Volunteers who are not paid or required to carry would not be considered to be “on the job” and would be able to utilize their USCCA membership benefits if they apply, @Shepherd.

Sorry, I didn’t make that very clear earlier. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify!


Thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it!

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@Dawn Mostly I just want to know if my membership in USCCA would cover me if I were to be involved in an incident at church like the incident that recently occurred in Texas. We are all strictly volunteers, not paid. We are not required to carry guns but most of us opt to do so, this day and age.

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As part of a volunteer group that is not compensated nor requires you to carry a gun, your membership would apply as if you were an individual.

As I do not know all of the details of the shooting in TX, I cannot say 100% either way.

IMO, it appears to be self-defense so membership benefits would apply. That’s my opinion without knowing all of the details (it’s not the official opinion of anyone but me.)

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