Church Security Volunteer

@Earl17 - check out @Eva’s answer :slight_smile: She’s the official word about Church Security Groups at the USCCA. :smiley:

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Just wanted to add my two cents. I am a member of the USCCA. I am the safety director for my church and I do carry my weapon in services. When I get up, my XD and a spare mag are on my side until I go to bed. My senior pastor was completely appreciative that someone cared enough within our church to be on guard for those that wish to do harm. After starting our safety ministry, I found that we have an average of 12 concealed carry individuals in service. They had never felt secure having others know they carried. Now, I have a great team that is responsive and growing in faith and discipline to serve our GOD in this manner. We all hope that we never have an incident, but I sincerely believe our folks will rise to the occasion if that need arises.
To supplement this, I really rely on this site to keep current on the trends and thoughts of everyone. Thank you USCCA for what you offer and experiences shared within.