Check the Attorney Database

I live in Chattanooga, TN and looked at the attorneys in the Quick Response Team database. Glad I did because there was only one attorney listed and his firm does not handle criminal defense cases. The nearest attorneys that are on the Quick Response Team (QRT) are over 120 miles away.
I got on the “chat with an expert” link and was repeatably told that an attorney from the QRT would assist me as soon as possible. What that means is that you could sit in jail for who knows how long.
Then of course you can use your own criminal defense lawyer. I said I don’t know any and they would have to know what USCCA even stood for and should have some sort of written agreement I would think.



I, looked up criminal attorneys in the city I live in, made a list of the most prominent defense attorneys with self defense experience. Made appointments with them, and then explained what I was looking for, what the USCCA was and did. Stressing that it wasn’t insurance.

He set his own rate, and the USCCA covered my costs to the limits agreed upon, if my defense exceeded it’s limits, I was then responsible.

I then called the USCCA got him added as my attorney, and the USCCA sent him an information packet.


Good move on your part. Too bad USCCA doesn’t say that is what everyone should do. In my situation being disabled I feel let down with no options.

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I am disabled as well. There were only 3 to serve 3 million, 2 were same firm, 1 was a primary workman’s comp.

No one told me, I called and asked the member engagement team.

They are incredible people who will go the extra mile just to try and help you. I feel like several of them are friends I just haven’t sat down IRL with yet. Give them a call see if they can help.

I know text does not communicate tone well. I mean this in the kindest and friendliest way possible.

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Same here on all of this.

About a year ago I reached out to 3 attorneys in the Austin/San Antonio area. 2 never got back to me. 1 did after about a month saying she was on maternity leave and is now back. I did not reply back to her for a meeting. What if I were in jail waiting for a month for her to get back.

So, the other ones on the list that did not get back to me for simply a “meet and greet”, were part of a larger firm as well. I emailed our super expensive and scary not to have your team, corporate attorney, twice back then. I asked him if someone in his firm or if he knew someone who was a pro 2a criminal defense attorney. I got no reply even from him on this, (They are an Austin (blue) based firm). I got discouraged and tabled the whole project.

This thread was motivational @Simjack thanks for starting it, and inspirational @Zavier_D that you actually got somewhere productive with your efforts.

I have a new project to keep me busy on Monday.

I also sent my attorney info to be on the USCCA list. Not sure if he did, but anyone that has their own attorney and qualified should get them to join