Cheaper Than Dirt

Long ago, before Al Gore invented the internet, distributors like Cheaper Than Dirt mailed catalogs with prices and current sales information for pretty much every brand and cartridge of ammo they offered.

The front and rear pages of the catalog always had charts where you could quickly compare the manufacturers data for different brands, caliber, and loads of ammo - provided of course you had a magnifying glass to read the 3 point font :slight_smile: The chart(s) seemed to include every rifle and handgun ammo in production at the time.

Does anybody have a link to a fairly comprehensive chart or charts like this today?


I bought one of these a while back and it seems to be a pretty good source of comparison.


WRT basic information I have found these links useful:

Ammo Caliber Size Chart | Sportsman’s Warehouse (
Home Page (
Ammo Facts & Guide | Freedom Munitions
Compare Rifle Ammo Sizes & Power

Not as compact and specific as what you were looking for, but the info is kept current.


Possibly Brownells. or Midway may have a chart like this.