Changing your stock grip on firearms?


I wouldn’t recommend changing much on your carry firearm for your legal protection, however changing out a grip shouldn’t affect anything about the action of the firearm.

Have you ever altered a grip on any of your firearms for a better, more secure grip?

What special tools did you need? Any grip brands you prefer?

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I haven’t changed my grip but have gotten instruction on changed where I applied pressure to the firearm. I was having trouble shooting compact pistols where I couldn’t get a full hand grip. Learned to not rely on my pinky


M&P 2.0’s come with different size palm swells. I swapped to the XL for a better fit. Does that count? :grin:

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We put a Pachmayr grip sleeve on my taurus pistol - it makes the grip fatter (which I like) and adds some rubbery-traction to the surface. Still don’t like shooting it much, but at least I feel like I have a secure grip on it.
We’ve added golf-club grip tape to some things because it improves traction without adding much bulk. I don’t like the look much, but it is pretty effective for making a grip less slippery.


I put a rubber Hogue slip on grip on 2nd gen Glock 22 .40SW & my Sig P228 better grip and slimmer fit, with pachmayr rubber grips swapped for factory plastic ones. Simple screw driver for the Sig

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Looking at getting this for my Taurus, but don’t know if I will like it.


I used the adjustable palm swell thar came with my M&P. My hunting revolver came with very comfortable rubber type grips, so I’m good there. I have medium to large hands, but not overly huge, so I can usually grab most standard pistols, and be fine. As far as the traction, my hands are like sandpaper anyway, so even a damp, or sweaty grip doesn’t present much trouble for me.

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I’ve put hockey tape on a shotgun before. Lol.

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Niiiice :smiley: My hubby does it, but I really have a hard time doing that… it’s kinda like writing in a book. Just goes against the grain in terms of “respecting your tools”… feels wrong to me :slight_smile:

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