Carrying in different states

I live in Indiana and have my cc license and I will be seeing my daughter in Florida. I’ve been reading each state on their laws that I will be going through and noticed that Kentucky honors my Indiana license but with restrictions. So my silly question is what are the restrictions ? I don’t know if I’m missing it or just not understanding what I’m reading. Sorry for the dumb question


Not a dumb question at all.
With all the mess with 50 different Gun Laws (or perhaps 51?) we all have questions all the time…

Anyway, I’m not sure what are the restrictions… look at this:
Kentucky Revised Statutes (The KRS database was last updated on 06/23/2021)


A person who is not a resident of Kentucky and who has a valid license issued
by another state of the United States to carry a concealed deadly weapon in
that state may, subject to provisions of Kentucky law, carry a concealed
deadly weapon in Kentucky, and his or her license shall be considered as valid
in Kentucky

But… perhaps my thinking is not the same as attorney’s thinking… :thinking:


Oftentimes, the restrictions are nothing more than reciprocity being given only to resident (vs. non-resident) permits. Sounds like you have a resident Indiana permit. But Kentucky is a Constitutional Carry state now, so you may be able to carry without a permit anyway. Please check with a knowledgeable attorney, however, before acting on this supposition.

This may help:

It shows the “restrictions” as permitless carry, at least 21 years old. Which really doesn’t seem like a “restriction” at all.


I could be wrong. Of course, you should triple check. I wonder if the only restriction is, KY will honor your IN CCW permit if you’re age 21 or more, that’s it?

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Thanks for helping me on this . I’ve been trying to memorize these states differences in laws and it really amazes me that they can’t at least make most laws be the same across each state.

The chat option is extremely knowledgeable for this information as well. We had a trip from FL to TN and had the same questions. We were given real time information as quickly as possible.

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I like the way Kentucky phrases that. Because there are plenty of objects that are (or can be) “deadly weapons” that are not firearms.

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Warm beer?:wink:

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