Carrying at Work (residential trades)

Hi, I’m brand new to the gun owning community. I have been interested in guns for a while am an Eagle scout (so not completely unfamiliar around guns). I finally pulled the trigger on a purchase of my first gun (:laughing: sorry bad joke). Anyway I work in the residential trades so I’m in a out of people’s houses throughout the day. If I get a CCW permit (in Pennsylvania) do I have to inform the customer or employer that I am carrying? Is it legal in customers home’s? What would you recommend?
Thanks Alex


@Alexander24 - welcome to the community. Pennsylvania’s basic concealed carry laws can be referenced here, with more information here. There are more links on both pages with additional details.

Generally speaking (and I am NOT a lawyer), concealed carry means concealed, and you are not required to notify anyone that you are carrying.

I briefly read through all of the information on Pennsylvania’s laws, and I did not find a reference that Pennsylvania is a “duty to inform” state, but I could be wrong. If it is, you are required to proactively notify the police if you are pulled over.


Welcome to the family! @Alexander24 glad you’re here! Not that I would advise doing anything illegal, or out of the rules with your employer. But from watching legal defense videos, if your employer “caught” you with the firearm, and per your rules you’re not allowed; you could face civil charges, if they were to press charges for any reason. I’m no lawyer, but I havent seen a video where they say it’s a felony, but I’m sure that depends on state laws. Again, no lawyer, but i hope that helps.


I also work in the trades (not often residential) and my employer has no issue with us carrying while on the job EXCEPT if it is a business establishment than has prohibitions against firearms. That said VA is a state where you can leave your firearm in your vehicle in the company lot and go to work and since we are contracted to that company were are good following that rule. I don’t think I have ever been tagged by a home owner for carrying nor have I ever been asked to leave for the same reason. Get down in the weeds with your laws to make sure you are legal and if so “Carry on”.




Welcome to the family brother and you are in the right place at the right time. Carry on.

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I do residential maintenance and drive a company truck in Cincinnati ohio ( Not a safe city) I first recommend you read your employee hand book thoroughly because in ours there were a couple sections where they could have put it not just in the obvious places. Also be aware if you are employed by a at will employer because they can let you go for any reason even if not stated in the handbook except ,age ,sex, sexual preferences.
My company had nothing in ours about weapons so i left it at that and i have carried every day for 5 years. If the handbook is lacking you could always ask your supervisor on what the policy is.
As for entering a resident home In ohio we don’t have to inform a private resident if we have a firearm on us


Thanks for all the answers and warm welcomes. I’m glad to be a part of the gun owning community finally

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