Carry Age?

You ask permission to drive on the public roads. You are granted that permission when a license is issued to you by your state of residence.

The “Right of The People” is both collective and individual. We have what should be an unconditional right to keep and bear arms on our own property and where we are given permission to do so by other property owners.

Whether we like to admit it or not the gov’t has established satisfactorily plenary power to regulate possession and carry on public/gov’t property.

It is what it is and banging our heads against a brick wall in denial won’t bring the wall down, it will just give you a headache and eventually render you unconscious.


I’m not using the maximum end of the scale, I’m using the mid point which lies somewhere between 21-25.

Males also reach that level of maturity later than females. This is why you see car insurance rates drop dramatically for males once we hit 25 and for women if I remember right at 21.

There is nothing more tightly controlled than the issuance and use of firearms, ordnance, and ammo in the US military.

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18 years old for open carry and 21 years old for Concealed carry here in Nevada

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The law in Illinois to purchase any gun is 21 years old. Fifty (50) years ago I was a young soldier in the US Army home on leave and going back to my second tour in Vietnam. I went to a gun shop here in Chicagoland and couldn’t buy a handgun I planned on taking back with me. I was an Infantry soldier and was in the Bush as we called it back then. Spent a lot of time in fire zones, Freefire zones in different operations. But I’m telling you I couldn’t buy a gun here and bring it back with me I wasn’t 21 years old yet so that precludes me from ownership then and law hasn’t changed here in Lincoln Land.

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