Can you carry in a hotel?

I’ve noticed many hotels in Texas have a 30.06 and 30.07 notice on the entrance to the lobby. However the hotel room would be considered one’s domicile right? So are these signs legal, and/or how can I legally bring my pistol into my hotel room?


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I’ll let someone more familiar with the Texas signage and other related laws comment on the specifics for Texas. Their signage laws seem unnecessarily confusing to me.

In general the signs in some States are backed by law and you would be considered trespassing by ignoring the sign. But in other States you would not be breaking the law unless you were asked to leave and didn’t do so in a timely manner.

It is possible that if the lobby is posted the owners consider the whole hotel to be posted. Even more confusing is that some hotels have a no weapons policy but don’t post signs on their doors. You would have to read through all the fine print on their website to know the policy even exists. This could potentially be an issue, depending on State laws, if you are forced to defend yourself and learn after the fact you were in a place you didn’t have a right to posses a firearm.


Welcome @Aditya_Sivananda . When you say “legally”, consider if the posted notice is enforced by law in a given state. Would you be in criminal violation, or would it be private business having a reason to ask you to leave. Makes sense to research it before you travel.




All those signs and laws, I’m glad I don’t live in Texas when it comes to guns

Get here is a hotels section on the USCCA reciprocity map, I’d start there.

(And it could also be a lot worse than tx)

  1. Obey the laws. I would never advocate that someone carry where they are not permitted to carry.

  2. Isn’t the whole point of carrying concealed, that no one knows you’re carrying? It would be an odd thing for a hotel clerk to frisk you, that’s all I’m saying.


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This is not from a lawyer, but a 2A friendly hotel manager during a recent trip to TX.

While you cannot carry in the hotel common areas if 30.06 or 30.07 signs are posted, you can have the firearm in your bag or suitcase to bring up to your room.

Now, there is also a 30.05 sign that can be posted to completely prohibit firearms anywhere in the premises. In this case, you cannot bring a firearm inside the hotel at all.


Vote with your feet. If a hotel has a gun-unfriendly policy, stay somewhere else and tell the management why you are choosing the hotel’s competitors over them.


Unless you plan to make the hotel your permanent home, it is not your domicile. At best, it is a temporary residence.


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I’m not advocating for breaking the law but…


Hotel staff don’t need to know.


Unless you want defenseless victims of course, e.g. school shooters.


Speaking of…
Texas House panel passes bill to raise age to buy certain assault-style rifles | Fox News


I had a similar challenge a few years ago when my handicapped mother and I had to stay at a hotel for a week because practically all of our home’s pipes were being replaced. It was an emergency event and part of our roof was slightly hanging down, about to break open with water pouring down. And this was during winter. At that time I was about to begin taking a required CCW class that lasted for 3 days. What could I do? Besides being my mother’s caregiver, I was taking classes that I couldn’t cancel. I was more concerned with my mother’s safety than about taking classes. Then I later learned that several sheriffs eat at that hotel several times a week in the mornings. I never conceal carried at that time but I always transported my gun according to protocol, with the gun case in a luggage. I hope that something like that never happens again because I was a little worried every time I left and entered the hotel. But I will never cease to be my loved one’s protector especially if that person is less able and handicapped. Some things supersede mandates or rules. We need to know where our priorities lie especially when it comes to family and loved ones.


I understand the hotels in Las Vegas are installing metal detectors in their hotels and you will be asked to leave if you try to enter with a weapon. Even if you have reservations, you will not be allowed to register. Now, whether that is NV law or is just something the Vegas hotels are doing on their on, I have no idea. Just another reason to not visit LV anyway. Can’t say about Reno, but they host a big gun show every year which makes it a little difficult to enforce. And as I write this, Vegas hosts the SHOT Show. How in the world do they enforce that kind regulation during SHOT Show? Maybe an exception for SHOT show? Wouldn’t want a convention that size to move to Houston or Dallas.


Several gun shows each year, might as well bring Shot Show to Reno