Can-Can hipband holster review

Hi all, we got my granddaughter a hipband (bellyband) holster from Can-Can and thought we’d post an early review.

Here are her notes:
It’s quite comfy. My G42 feels very secure. Last night I was wearing it while running literally around the house playing tag with my daughter with slim to no movement of it. Whilst doing stuff on the ranch in the heat it is a little hot and sweaty. I used the ladies room without much trouble.

This is the “classic” style in small. I think its a win!


Looks effective. Even the printing looks like a phone


@Sheepdog556 I noticed that same thing :smile:

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That is one really nice benefit of the size of phones these days, @Sheepdog556! People just assume it’s a phone if they see printing by the back pocket!

The holster does sound like it works well, @Zee. I’ve added it to my wish list. That list is getting very long!

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Couple more pics…

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Wow! That’s awesome. Looks like a phone or a belt.

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