Best bellyband holster?


We’re probably getting a bellyband type holster for my granddaughter… what do you have that you love? Or that you hate?
Looking for options, features, or info on how you chose yours.

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I bought one, for me it is so so but it might be because I need to lose weight and I always have to have my shirt tucked in (just doesn’t feel right unless it is).


I’ve heard great things about Can Can holsters:

I haven’t tried them yet. Let me know what you end up going with! I’d love to have a new holster option!


@Dawn we’ll check those out!
We are looking at the corsets here:

@DBrogue did you have a particular brand? Aside from not being ideal for you, did you carry with it and how did it work for firearm security?

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Here is a picture of what I have. I think it is a knock-off as it doesn’t have a name on it. I think I ordered it from It is an elastic band with Velcro for the waist adjustment. As you can see it has a retention snap and places for 3 mags. I would have liked if the waist band itself was better quality as the elastic isn’t great. I did wear it a few times but I just didn’t like the feel of the band, plus like I said I need to have at least a t-shirt tucked in (old habits).


OHHHH the Phantom 4.7 looks interesting.


Thank you for including the photo!
On the Dene Adams’ products, I have a carry tank and the phantom pro leggings super well made, very well thought out. I’m a big fan. I would say better for cooler weather though.
I’m thinking for summer outdoor work here in the hot humid midwest we may need something lighter. Hard to get the combo of durable, sturdy enough to be secure, and breathable for summer.


Sounds like it might help burn some of that excess I have (hehe)


Again @Zee, I have never carried out but, I bought this for around the apartment. When home I get comfortable in my gym shorts and tank top so a normal holster is not going to work. So I found this one on Amazon for under $40. It’s not hard to put on. It is comfortable. I have a bit of a gut but not extreme and it is easy for me to wear. The name is: SFT2 Ultra-Comfort Elite Duty and I will post the Amazon link below.

For under $40, it is worth the try.


I love my fiance, first!!! Then my son Siam Mau. Then my Glock 19 Gen 5, and my Crossbreed Supertuk Founders series holster for it!!!


Also, Hornady Critical Defense ammo too! LOL!!! Seriously, I do!!!