California- Transfer of off roster handgun from out of state son

My son lives in Mo. I reside in the communist state of California. It appears to me that the Ca regulations allow him to gift an off California roster handgun to me which I can then legally register in Ca. Has anyone done this recently and if so how did it workout

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Did you mean legally transfer through a FFL?

I’m not sure we need to register handguns in California.

No. The way the law reads, an “intra-Familial Transfer” is not required to go through an FFL

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If you can form an “NFA Trust” and then add your son as a member, each of you can Fund the trust with your firearms and either of you can possess those without FFL transfers. This trust is not just for silencers and SBRs. This is also a good part of estate planning. Just be sure of local and state restrictions of weapon type.


Very interesting. I will check into this. Thanks for the info.


Since your son is a resident of another state and you are a resident of CA, you will need to do the transfer via a CA FFL (Federal law requirement, not State).

If both you and your son were CA residents, you would not need to go through an FFL (its as simple as completing and submitting the form and handing over the gun). Or create a CFARS account and report the transfer there (much faster to get in your name).

If the off roster gun has any large capacity magazines (greater than 10 rounds), the magazines can not be brought into CA
(Large-capacity magazine restrictions - Calguns Foundation Wiki).

Check out the link below for info detailing Intra-familial transfers:

Keep in mind that such out of state intra-familiar transfers have to be “infrequent” (Penal Code Section 16730)

Hope that helps.

Oh…and last comment. I hate CA gun laws. The roster is stupid and aimed to effectively ban guns in our state. Can’t wait until I am able to retire and MOVE.

Stay tactical,



Yep, there is that solution as well!

Jeff, thank you so much for the research and links. I was not aware of the Fed requirement. The link to the CFARS account was broken. It that a gun trust?

My pleasure. My sister had asked the same question last year about her out of state son transferring a CA off roster gun to her and I really didn’t know, so I did the research.

CFARS is the online California Firearms Application Reporting System. Sorry, I didn’t realize I had a bad link. Should have tested it. Below is the correct link:

You can perform Intra-familial transfers through CFARS instead of completing the traditional form and mailing to State DOJ. I’ve done both ways and CFARS is faster. As stated before, this is for intra-familial transfers when both parties are CA residents. CFARS will also allow you to access other DOJ transactions you may need.

As far as gun trusts, that is outside of my knowledge. I know they exist, I understand the concept, have not created one (yet). Others here may be able to provide more detailed info on setting up a gun trust.

Jeff, thanks for the quick reply. I just looked up info on gun trust in CA and like most things, they have made it almost useless in CA. It looks like having my son send it to an FFL here is my best option. Thanks again.

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If it’s anything deemed an ( AR) or mil spec… don’t !
Watched a guy get his 2 AR pistols seized for doing what’s legal.
Also with all of the communist in Congress right now & Kommie-fornia is keep it off the radar!
We have to start recalling these people in Congress as a nation. We have to send a clear message to DC one way or another!

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Thanks. I did look into the Ca regs for the NFA and like most things in Ca theyput so many restrictions on it that it is useless

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Hey Steve, I have been researching the same topic.
I came up with the same conclusions as @Jeffrey26. My daughter will be living out of California and May be gifting me gun that might not be on the stupid roster. Ffl will be neccessary. Good luck with your transfer! Hopefully you are in a California county that will issue your ccw .

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My question is can the mother send the guns directly to the ffl in California or does it have to go from ffl to ffl. I have not found a single ffl in Houston Texas that knows the process.

I live in Ca and One month ago I successfully completed a transfer of an off roster Hellcat gifted from my son in Missouri to me on Orange County Ca. It had to be mailed from FFL in his state to FFL I’m my state (fed law requires this). Both FFL charged a fee to to this. It was very difficult to locate an FFL on Ca that knew anything about this kind of transfer. I found one in Huntiungton Beach who did it for $100.

So you have to use an ffl for the transfer? So I need a Texas ffl? Who did yiu use in Huntington Beach?

Here is a link his site. Send him a email and he will tell you what is required to complete the process in Ca

$100 for a transfer sounds like extortion but I guess not having to limit yourself to the decades old designs on the illegal and stupid handgun roster is worth it.

I wonder if the sheriffs in some CA counties would give you a hassle for trying to list a none roster gun on your license?

My God! all of that boggles the mind. I’m sure I’m not the only one that is offended by the way government entities insist on getting involved in family business.


I have filled the paperwork to add it to my CCW but it is currently taking 6 months to get it approved

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