Transfer to a visiting family member

I live in California and am visiting my son in Missouri. While I’m here, he wants to give me a gun. The FFL’s here and in Cali, say I don’t need to use them because I’m in MO and he can just physically hand it to me.

Is this true?


More info here on Cali’s convoluted gun laws. :roll_eyes:

California Concealed Carry Gun Laws: CCW & Reciprocity Map | USCCA 2023-03-31 (

Summary of California Gun Laws

California is now a shall-issue state since the Supreme Court’s ruling on the NYSRPA v Bruen on June 23rd, 2022. Licenses are issued by the county sheriff’s office or local police station.

Any resident of this state who has not previously reported ownership of a firearm or anyone moving into California with a firearm is considered a “personal firearm importer” and must provide a report to the DOJ regarding their firearm or sell or transfer the firearm through a licensed dealer or to a sheriff or police department. The California Department of Justice (DOJ) runs a background check and retains information about the purchaser and seller of all in-state firearms sales and transfers.

All firearms sales must be completed through a dealer. A permit to purchase, a background check and transaction report to the DOJ are required to buy a handgun. No person may sell, loan, or transfer a firearm to a minor, nor sell a handgun to an individual under 21 years of age. All ammunition purchases require a DOJ “point of sale” eligibility check with $1 paid by the consumer.


That’s disgusting. No overreach there… :grimacing:



Must go through an FFL in CA.

EVERY transfer that involves residents of two different states must go through an FFL. A resident of State A cannot just hand over their firearm to a resident of State B, it must go through an FFL. In some cases it can be an FFL in either state, in some cases the FFL must be in the recipient state.

(few exceptions exist, just as one around inheritance following death etc)

So no, you can not legally just take the gun from the MO resident and go home to CA with it


California gun laws page one… Good freaking luck comrade…


Thanks for all the comments.
I’m not sure why my FFL’s are telling me different things.
“I a law is not clear to the average man, it should not be a law.” TJ 1789


Is that the ‘Handy-Dandy’ Pocket version…only in California,


That’s the “for dummies “ version