Moving to California, Unfamiliar with the laws

So I am military, soon will be moving to California. As a native Texan, I am not very exited about this, but cant do much about it. What are some things I should prepare myself for as a gun-owner?

PS, I do not have a CCL


Thank you for your service.

Here is an official Attorney General information. page specifically for new CA residents

Simply put, you’ll lose a part of your gun rights and some privileges that exist in Texas.

For conceal carry, visit the county sheriff’s website for accurate information.

Join the fight! Join, CRPA, etc.

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Hello, welcome, and thank you for your service @Mobius1ac .
Can you move to Nevada instead, right next door just without all the CA crap


Unfortunately no.
It’s a two hr drive to the Nevada border, and with gas being $6/ gal around there, I’m not dealing with a third of my day just getting to and from work


You will have a lot of studying to do to not break any laws in CA!

It’s my understanding that affordable ammunition is very hard to come by there at a reasonable price and options are limited. You need a permit to purchase ammo and any online orders have to go through an FFL. It’s my understanding that most FFLs won’t deal with the online orders since there is no money in it for them. You should check to see if there are limits to how much you can move there with. If there are none you may need to buy everything you need for however long you are going to be there before you move!

No magazines greater than 10 rounds. No “assault” rifles unless they are modified to CA standards (bullet buttons for reloads, and limited “evil” features). If you want to buy any handguns that were designed in the last several decades buy them before you move to CA!!! CA’s roster of allowable handguns is incredibly limited and shrinking every year. You can own restricted handguns (if you have mags with less than 10 round capacity) but you can’t buy them in CA.

Sorry for your loss of 2A rights. CA is a beautiful State but their unconstitutional anti gun laws and rising crime rates suck.


Thanks for your service @Mobius1ac

Welcome to the party, thank you for serving!
Keep your friends close and your enemies on notice!
Kalifornia is a hostile nation. Don’t know where you served, but you may have been safer. SOP and ROE were probably well established!
Kalifornia not so much!

Good luck, always watch your six, USCCA has point!


@Mobius1ac Welcome to the neighborhood ( I’m in CA can’t wait to retire to TX) and thanks for your service.
Since I’m not sure what county you’ll be stationed in.
here are some of the big things.
10 round mags or less for anything.
For AR style (“assault” weapons)
No pistol grips unless it has a break open to allow for mag release. and a host of other no no’s.
Depending on where you are at if the county Sherriff is pro or anti 2A to get a CCW. Double check their site for CCW info.
A helpful link besides USCCA of course:
CRPA - California Rifle & Pistol Association
And most of the local gun ranges are good about answering questions and helping steer you in the right direction.
And the group regional threads here: Latest Regional Conversations/Pacific topics - USCCA Community (

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@Scott52 yeah it sucks being stuck behind enemy lines. Ghillie suites should be normal dress :wink:

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I actually think that would be considered an SBR and likely is illegal in CA. Even outside of CA it likely would require a federal tax stamp and background check!


Wish you well. We have friends there. Is there any chance you can move to another state instead? If not, I understand. Purchase good self-defense insurance. Your’e on the right track, … learn, and obey the laws.

Does anyone know how difficult reloading is in Cali? Particularly getting components? I know how to do it, but have never owned the equipment. I considered getting into it during covid and the ammo shortages, especially because my rifles have been particularly hard to feed (.45LC and 30-06 M2 Ball) but have so far managed on online orders since I really dont shoot all that often and (as I understand) I cant just have ammo delivered to my house in Cali.

TLDR; how easy/possible is it to get reloading equipment delivered to your house in California?