California legal?

Trying to find out if my Ruger LC9, Ruger 10/22, Mossberg 12 gauge, Walther P22, and Magnum Research Baby Eagle 3 are legal in CA?

Moving in a few months, wondering if I need to sell.

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Sorry, you can only have a 3" butter knife, but you can’t conceal carry.

Just kidding, I think you’re good as long as you don’t have a magazine larger than 10 rounds for them.

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Welcome to the family brother and god bless you.

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If you go to your USCCA reciprocity and gun laws for CA that should help you.

Legally speaking, if you already own them and are “Moving” here to California, you can bring all those without an issue. You can buy each of those (except the baby eagle I believe).

The only real difference is if you have an AR style weapon. If you do…you’re “supposed” to register it so it’s legal. Problem is, there are countless cases where legal gun owners have, and have either had their weapons confiscated or they were arrested so I’ll leave that decision to you.

If you plan to carry in California, I’d definitely suggest buying any new subcompacts you have your eye’s on NOW!!! While it’s illegal to make straw purchases (buy something with the intent to sell it), buying something and then deciding you don’t want it is fine. So, if you buy something, you can likely sell it for double when you move here. Sig p365’s are literally being sold for 2-3x the MSRP. Same with the Springfields and other pistols you can’t buy here.

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Here is the reciprocity page for California:

And a direct link to the CA laws about firearms:

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Super helpful, thank you.

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@Ian14, welcome to the community! Most U-haul trucks are moving in the opposite direction :wink:

Please note that we have a Roster of Handguns that limits what you can buy. For example, Ruger has only one semi pistol, the LC380on the roster while S&W has only the Shield and SD in 9mm and .40.
If there’s something that catches your eye, buy it now.

My AR-556 has an ugly grip that makes it CA legal. The same applies to most other rifles and carbines, even the much-maligned Hi-Point carbines. I don’t think it applies though to rimfires.

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So, if I had an AR and brought it in, it would be legal?

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Short answer: yes.

However, if I understood it correctly, you will have to either register it or make it “compliant.”

The anti-2A crowd in the state don’t run out of ideas to make it difficult for us. Sometimes, it’s with malicious intent. Or, it’s plain ignorance (see Ghost Gun, De Leon). Or both.

The weather is great though.

Google “Calguns flowchart” for more details.


SO, there was a reasonable article on CA compliance…

As for “bringing it in”…if you are moving your permanent place of residence…you’ll want to know and understand the laws and can find them here:

Please know the facts before you come here.

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