California DOJ is at it again - Need your comments -Reducing who can teach CCW

DOJ Issues Emergency Regs and CRPA Needs Your Comments.

CRPA and GOC are working hard on a formal response to a Friday release from the Department of Justice announcing emergency regulations regarding SB 2 and California’s attempts at making the CCW process more arduous.

As you know, CRPA and GOC have already challenged several of the provisions on the “sensitive places” issues within SB 2 that was passed last year. Once the other provisions on issuing CCWs (provisions that these emergency regulations cover) go into effect in January 2024, you can bet there will be more litigation against these unconstitutional laws.

These new proposed emergency regulations strictly limit which instructors can provide CCW training in a system that already has a heavy load of too many students and not enough classes. This move seems like a move to limit and slow the processing of CCWs in the state which is problematic given that CCW applications have increased significantly since the Bruen decision. Under the emergency regulations, the only groups or individuals who can provide CCW training are:

  1. Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California-Firearm Training Instructor;

(2) Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), State of California Firearms Instructor or Rangemaster; or

(3) Authorization from a State of California accredited school to teach a firearm training course.

Because of the states underhanded attempts to slow or stop the issuance of CCWs to law abiding citizens, we need your help to submit comments by the deadline.

Please click here to submit comments by the deadline.

Make sure to follow the instructions to make sure your comments are heard and speak out in opposition to the emergency regs.

The Department plans to file the emergency rulemaking package with OAL at least five working days from the date provided at the top of this notice. If you would like to comment on the Finding of Emergency or the proposed text, those comments must be made in writing only, must contain a notation that identifies the emergency regulation to which they relate, and must be received by both the Department and OAL within five calendar days of the Department’s filing with OAL. The Department may respond to comments at its discretion.

Because of the timing, CRPA is encouraging all to submit comments of opposition immediately.

Send comments simultaneously to:

Quentin Farris
Department of Justice
P.O. Box 160487
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 210-2377


Office of Administrative Law
300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1250

The Proposed Text of the emergency regulation and the Finding of Emergency are posted on the Department’s website at



Well I’m all for the new restrictions on instructor credentials. Im tired of posers out there thinking that they own a gun they know what they’re doing. Ive got a lot of training and experience with the ability to be a very affective firearms instructor. Anyway thats all I got.

The last renewal class I had the couple running it should just stick to selling ammo, t-shirts, hats, and mini k-bars for Glocks and NOT running a class. I’m surprised they didn’t do it via Zoom.


Welcome to the community @Troy85

I strongly suspect that the new CA law and the way it will be applied are not designed to ensure better instructors. The purpose is almost certainly to disqualify as many instructors as possible regardless of their abilities and to create as many hurdles as possible to keep instructors from becoming certified so that there will not be enough instructors to train all the people who want to get their carry licenses in CA.

CA’s ultimate goal is to keep as many law abiding citizens as defenseless as they possibly can.


Bro. We had a vendor recently shut down for doing the class on zoom. Not with me.


Well good point as well. Can’t argue that


@Troy85 Welcome to the community. How do you feel about Permitless Carry, and do away with CCW Licenses for all law-abiding citizens? Gangs and felony criminals who should not be possessing firearms FREELY ENJOY conceal carry without licenses while committing crimes through out the country, while gun control laws are being imposed upon law-abiding citizens.


Sadly, your legitimate concerns
have nothing to do
with the wicked intent of the state
to infringe on our rights.


There should be training that goes along with that. I’m a retired Law Enforcement officer of 29 years and there cops out there that shouldn’t be carrying a firearm.
Just like drivers licenses and the majority of the community can’t drive at all however here we are.


Totally agree. Training and education are of the utmost necessity and requirement when it comes to accepting the responsibility of conceal carrying a firearm, and familiarizing oneself with the gun laws of the State one lives in.

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Well and that’s my right and your right to express our feelings.

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Collin Noir posted something about it, but not what we can do about it.
This is a video of him.

There really shouldn’t even be a permit required in the first place, and there really shouldn’t be required training to get a permit either (though, again, there shouldn’t even be a permit)

Stats show over and over that letting people have their uninfringed Right to keep and bear arms be just that, uninfringed, is a good thing.

And the crap California is pulling shows just why you don’t want to let the government get a foot in the door on regulating which law abiding people can and cannot exercise that fundamental Right


Perhaps it is like driver licenses, but, the Right to keep and bear arms is far more important and fundamental than the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on public roads. Hence the Constitutional protection.


Welcome aboard @Troy85. Not trying to pile on.

This thing California is doing, has absolutely 0 to do with a concern about the quality of instructors, and everything to do with erecting barriers and slow rolling CC permits. Since California got slapped down vis-a-vis the U.S. Court System. They are trying to make it as slow and laborious a process as they can. Fewer CC Instructor’s = CC permits.


Thank you for your service. But, it’s not relevant to my rights.

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I’ve met several of them in some of the classes I’ve attended. Yowza! And I’ve met some of the “instructors” you’re talking about. As far as the CCW “training” though, I’d put it in the same category as those instructors. The content is very basic, entry level. It’s important info for people who are new to firearms. But it only scratches the surface for people who are about to carry in public. I’ve had some good CCW instructors. But I don’t really see a bad instructor having much of a negative impact on the overall outcome of whether or not someone is actually prepared to carry a firearm in public. Even the firearms handling portion of it is basic and difficult to fail.

For what it’s worth, my Sheriff emailed everyone in his county with a CCW permit to take their training in 2023 if they’re within six months of their renewal date because the DOJ is about make it impossible to get the training in 2024.