Byrna non-lethal self defense device

I’ve searched everywhere and cannot get an answer to this simple question:

Is it legal to carry a BYRNA self-defense device concealed and without a permit in NEW YORK CITY?


But it is always best to go to the source. Check NYC PD website and call the DA’s office, and maybe even talk to lawyer that does criminal case work in NYC.


This question has - at a minimum - two answers. First pertains to purchase/ownership. I do not know of any jurisdiction where an adult cannot legally purchase and posses a Byrna device. Second is the use of it, self defense or otherwise, against another person. This is a whole different discussion and pretty much a legal morass, akin to having to use your legally owned firearm for self-defense.


A self defense tool in NYC? Probably not, because it’s NYC.

Byrna (which IMO is a lousy unreliable form of self defense, yeah I said it) is a fairly unique product that doesn’t seem to neatly fit any pre-existing category.

Ask NYPD, a NYC attorney, or call the manufacturer themselves and ask them to point you to a source showing legality


From the Bryna website:

We recommend that you always check state and local regulations relating to CO2 powered launchers and pepper self-defense products before traveling with your Byrna. If you are unsure you can check with the local police department. For air travel questions see below.


hm, they used to claim that it was.

This indicates to me that it’s not legal nationwide.

If there is anywhere it’s not legal, seems NYC is as likely as it gets for a no-no place


Their site does state it is legal in all 50 states, but localities sometimes have carveouts for various things. LIke DC BLM riots are fine, protesting an illegimate election will get you imprisoned under the Patriot Act and never see a trial, at least for a very long time. How many are still awaiting trials?


Thanks, guys. I’ll try contacting NYPD or DA and see if I can get a straight answer … I doubt it.

I’m looking for my daughter who lives in the Bronx. Any suggestions for something legal or even a low level misdemeanor that would only get a fine? The time and hoops to jump through to get a carry permit are excessive. I wish SCOTUS slaps those @#$% in the head.

I’m trying to get her to retire and move to New Mexico but the money’s too good in NY. I’d worry less if she lived in Tel Aviv.


Yes as long as it is a New York approved found the answer on linefrom criminal lawyer Ashley R., Esq

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Just a thought, you might get a more straight forward answer if you ask if a specific situation is illegal. There are many things that are legal. There are specific things that are illegal. I know a lot of the laws don’t make sense. One has to assume if it is not illegal it is legal. Laws should follow morality. No joke.:+1:


Yes, they should, but in places like NYC, we know that they do not.


That is a small change but an important one to note

It’s wrong and back—wards to look at something from the perspective of “I need to find a law saying I can do this”…even though there are SO MANY DAMN LAWS we end up doing it that way.

That which is not prohibited is permitted.

It’s a mindset shift that can be counter intuitive to how we generally work in the firearm/self defense tool kind of space, but, yeah…if nothing makes it illegal, it’s legal.

Difficulty is that there are SO MANY DAMN LAWS it’s near impossible to check all of them and definitively say “no existing law could be interpreted by the govt’ to prohibit this” so we feel more confident when the law says we can.

it’s a bit of a conundrum, practically, I guess


@Lawrence118 Welcome to the community! Probably be better getting the Byrna BadGuy pepper spray with built dye.

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Woohoo! Let’s bring a cattle marking pistol to a gunfight/stabbing/melee and see how that works out. Otherwise for legal advice, look up a USCCA lawyer in your area and ask them, asking the cops or the district attorney in NYC would probably end up with advice that’ll get you thrown in jail.


Actually, a stock prod disguised as a cane might be a workable option. Byrna advertises an effective range of up to 60’ but I question that you could hit a moving target anywhere outside of 10-12’.