Bullets facing front or rear?

Let me pose a different yet similar question. Chest rig and rifle mags, bullets pointing left or right?

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Left hand loading, bullets pointing left. I only carry 3 mags on my left side. :us:

Update- I should have stated that I carry my mags upside down on my left side.
Simple one handed movement, pull the mag from the pouch, turn upward and insert.

Bullets point towards strong side. From the front as in a PC or chest rig, grasp the rifle mag more like a typical pistol mag grasp, index finger along the front of the mag.

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Thanks for the feedback Bruce and Nathan. I’ve only gotten to practice with my new chest rig once and it was a little awkward, couldn’t decide which direction I preferred. I’ll work on pointing left (left handed loading) and just practice it out.


If you are using your left hand to grab the magazine, most people point the bullets towards the right.

As seen here

Source Chest Rig vs Belt Reloads - YouTube

Oh okay. Thats what I was doing. It didnt feel right but the other way required more manipulation. Just need more practice with my chest rig.

some magazine carriers the mag can only be carried facing 1 direction…

might wanna keep that in mind… with the ones I use the bullets usually face forward…

extract mag rotate up and insert mag… seems logical to me???

Front, when you grab the magazines you can feel the round in the top with your index finger, this helps with reloading. Your index finger should be on the leading edge of the magazine when you draw it from the pouch, this dramatically helps line up the mag with the well, especially in the dark!
Those who don’t carry a spare mag are risking adrenaline fueled determination from a wounded attacker, police and military don’t train with 1 magazine. Sometimes it’s not enough, bears and moose can easily absorb a magazine worth of ammo, so can multiple attackers. Just to be devils advocate, those of you above stating ones enough haven’t thought about scenarios that involve multiple attackers. You do the right thing by putting a bad guy down, but you out of ammo now, and the rest of the crew is heading your way, now what? Just a thought, a spare magazine doesn’t weigh much, just saying!!
USCCA even states that it’s one of the top three mistakes made, not carrying a spare mag.

Would you mind sharing the uscca link for top 3 mistakes including no spare magazine?

I know there are multiple “mistakes” contents out there, the one I think of is to carry with a holster, to be concealed, and to not look for a fight

I think the most correct answers are “the same way I practiced” or “the same way every time.”


That is true. Consistency is key.

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