Bulletproof Vest Saves Clerk's Life During Shootout |

An interesting shootout. I have seen this tactic used by the thugs in other vids, two or more get the clerks attention and the shooter comes out from behind them with a gun. :thinking:
This guy was ready.


That guy is incredibly lucky to be alive! He drew on a gun in his face while not making any attempt at distraction or moving out of the line of fire. Good thing he was wearing a vest! Though it sounds like he took hits to his neck and face as well.

Some States are trying to make bullet proof vests illegal so only cops and criminals can wear them. Can’t understand on what planet this makes sense. How does taking a 100% defensive tool away from law abiding citizens make anyone safer?


I think the plan is to make the thug safer.


We see a lot of videos of drawing on a drawn gun and winning. One factor there is reaction time and OODA or whatever, if you draw while they are pointing, even though you are behind the curve big time…they are then reacting to you.

He moved, though keyboard commando in me wants to be like MOVE LATERALLY!

I don’t really know what clerk could have done to avoid this situation…hiding behind one to draw and come out with the gun up…many that’s tough. And multiple of them were armed and they fanned out.

That’s a terrible spot to be in.

This is how you end up with remote unlock doors that don’t open from outside unless buzzed in and a group of four unknown dudes won’t likely get buzzed in. Short of that or a bullet proof cage for the clerk what else can you do?

Hope they catch the other two before they pull more of these


Case in point of why “get off the X” is SOOOOOOO important. He should have already been moving when he decided he was going to draw, laterally to his right to the end of the counter. It would have put two of his homies in the main gunmens line of fire and made his POA shift between targets smaller. Situations like this is where USPSA and IDPA fundamentals actually do help.

Glad the clerk was fine in the end.


If you have to wear a bullet resistant vest and carry a firearm to work as a clerk in a smoke shop, the most prudent thing would be to find a different employer. Nothing in that shop is worth dying for or getting shot at.


There is no sane reason to ban Bulletproof vests from civilians. None.
The people who try this are showing an ulterior motive for sure.


Well, the presumption is that criminals would use them during their crimes if they were “legal”. Oh, wait, it is already illegal to wear body armor, etc., during the commission of a crime. Imagine that, criminals not obeying laws. How odd. /sarc


He was also hired as a Security Guard. How many times have Store Clerks been shot as the thugs leave! :slightly_smiling_face:


No matter what “security guard” might pay, it’s not worth dying for to protect the inventory of a smoke shop from local low lives. A wise man would get another job.


Or if the store will allow you, make a safe area to hide behind to shoot from


A person without experience may believe they are bulletproof wearing a vest but may find out it is not what it is all supposed to be. Though it will help you are not all bulletproof and it hurts really bad when you do get hit in the vest, but it will stop the bullet.
I personally would wear it under the shirt and have the advantage over them before pulling a gun.


I agree…but the fact is armed security jobs exist and people work them. Might be the best paying job they can get at the moment. We always talk, as USCCA members, about “it’s self defense not stuff defense”…but yet there are security/armed guards in businesses all over the place, protecting stuff.

Or, maybe the guard is really there to protect patrons and when a robber comes in looking for stuff and threatens staff/patrons in the process, the guard isn’t really protecting the stuff, but protecting the people (even though the robber is supposedly after stuff and people are just ‘in the way’)



“I’ll hire you to defend my smoke shop,” sayeth the shop owner. “Be sure people who come into the store don’t steal stuff and you need to work the cash register. Oh, yeah, and you should expect to be shot at, so you should bring a gun and wear a bullet resistant vest.”

“I will pay you $16/hour, which is 50 cents more than minimum wage, but that’s all I can afford to pay. Of course, you’ll need to get your own medical insurance, just in case you are shot on the job. I think, as a low income individual, you can apply for Medicaid.”

I wise man would find a different job.

Out of curiosity, where did you find these details about this man’s job?

Where is minimum wage $16/hour?


Ppl have taken stupid jobs throughout history and still do. Stage coach shotgun riders to Brinks armored vehicles guards to bodyguards to store detectives/guards to night watchmen for protecting equipment in remote locations.

My question would be how many times has he thought about this situation and what/how would he handle himself and them.


If you watch his movements closely, he has at least some training. :thinking:

Compton CA. WOW, and this is the state that doesn’t want you to CCW and worse doesn’t want you to own a gun.

Quick reflexes isn’t enough when the perp is pointing a gun six feet from your head. The guy was wounded in the face but had the balls to continue the fight. He’s lucky the perp was a poor shot. Either that or the gun was of low caliber. I can’t tell.

There’s not much more to say here. The perp got the drop on him and he took a big chance drawing his gun. Happy that he survived and got the best of these jerks.

I’ll add one more thing. More ammo is better than less. DUH… Your average revolver wouldn’t have done the job.


$15.50 in CA.

I’ve made that point on tik tok multiple times, OODA loop applies to everyone. If you decide to draw and fire, he has to observe you doing that before making the decision to fire. Sometimes they won’t see it coming, and if it’s down to losing your life no matter what, fight no matter what. But I’ve been called a d*a for making that point and is always countered with “Never draw on a drawn gun”