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Hey, I’ve heard of people building their own guns to buy preferred parts or for a personal project buying parts overtime to save money. I’ve only heard of this being done with AR’s AK’s and very few pistols. Can this be done with any gun and what is the best site to check for available parts, especially receivers and bolt carries? I would like to build a ruger mini14 or pc9 over time as money is available and the fun of building one. Thanks

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Hey @Joe4, welcome to the group!

I built my first AR from a lower and a mix of parts I picked out with my hubby’s help. I actually did the whole build myself, but I had to make him sit on his hands to keep him from helping me :laughing:

My hubby has built a lot of 1911s from a frame and parts to suit his particular needs and interests at the time. He’s done a ton of IDPA and IPSC competition and custom built most of his race guns from parts, sometimes with custom parts made by a gunsmith friend of his.

I’m about to convert one of my Glock G21s into a carbine, and I’ll custom pick parts to go with the conversion kit. And we’re going to build my granddaughter a 10/22 rifle for Christmas and we’ll order parts and build it… well I’ll build it myself if I can get him to sit on his hands again.


AR’s, AK’s, 1911’s, some Glocks, and Ruger 10/22’s I believe are the most popular guns to build yourself.


Where are you looking or getting ideas to turn your G21 into a carbine? I have a hard time finding those for some reason, hence my interest in a Ruger PC9

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@Joe4 this is the one I’m ordering:

Getting it for the G21 gen 3 I have a pair, and this will give me a pistol and a carbine with interchangeable mags.
Going to order it next week, I’ll post a review. If we love it, we’ll look at a conversion for one of my hubby’s .40s

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Welcome to the Community, @Joe4! Glad to have you here.

My son just built his first gun - it was an AR. :wink:

I have yet to build a gun, but this is the place to ask questions - you’ll find all sorts of great information!


Sig is now a part of the 80% pistol market

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