Breaking New - 3 Students Student shot at Granger High School

Then we get the real story:

Do Not Play with toy guns at school. This is the High School I dropped out of when I went into the army.
The good thing is, the School Cop didn’t shoot the kids.


Wow… More "play stupid games… :crazy_face:


Tough job in today’s climate


I have to ask—Were WE this Stupid growing up?
I remember doing stupid stuff (Learning experiences some say)
Riding on a hood of a car like a sled in heavy snowstorm (on a Golf course not the streets)
(Just one example)
But Pointing Guns at each other or themselves ?
Just seems incredibly Stoopid!
Taunting a Policeman ----for kicks! Never entered my mind.
I had a healthy Respect (read FEAR) of Authority in my Yoot!T to be Confident, I hope all
kids are confident, ready to learn and grow into fine Adults but what I see makes me shake my head.
And don’t get me started about NEEDING Cops in Schools…SAD