Pennsylvania kids playing dangerous ‘Assassin’ game with drive-by BB shootings

Kids play dangerous ‘Assassin’ game with drive-by BB shootings (

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It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…


This isn’t going to end well. The best we can hope for is that the police will catch them quickly. If this isn’t stopped quickly, someone is going to die.


When I was in college, there was a similar game being played. I think it was called Assassin as well – maybe it’s the same one. I don’t remember the weapon used, but it wasn’t a BB gun – something less dangerous. Every player is an assassin, every player has a target. When a player “eliminates” their target, they claim the “deceased’s” target as their own next target.

Anyway, one student sneaking around on-campus housing at night, carrying his game pistol (I know, what could possibly go wrong?), was spotted by a campus policeman, and was shot when he was commanded to drop the weapon, but instead turned to point it at the cop. He did survive, but I never saw him after that.

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Idiots every one. They are going to flash their bb guns in the wrong place or at the wrong person, & end up another sad story.


I don’t remember where I posted that I once almost shot a kid who had a video game gun and he removed the orange tip that came with it. This happened while I was with the NYPD Transit Division. He was onboard a subway train and he would wait for the doors to open at a station and point it at people on the platform and the were running. I drew my gun and he dropped it and when it hit the ground it sounded like plastic. Thank god he dropped it and I didn’t shoot.