Bounced my reality check this week

Was at a local restaurant for my wife’s birthday
our area of the Keweenaw is mostly conservative older people
any way in walks 2 girls late teens/ early 20’s
they take a seat at a table
the one was dressed casual the other was all dolled up and just didn’t fit the area.
got a closer look and HOL LEE WA its a guy cross dressed
guess we are not so isolated as I thought we were from the weird stuff


They’re closer than you think although may not always be obvious.


It is always obvious. And many of these unfortunate folks dont even try to look like a woman.


HOLY WAHH I bet that is the first time most anyone here heard that expression. :rofl:


It’s being “Normalized” at all levels. Everywhere I go I get to witness things that just a few years ago were unthinkable.


There was a …person @ my Sister’s ‘Craft fair’ yesterday
(6’), broad shoulders and it was wearing Red Chili Pepper ear rings…
kinda clashed with the white mustache. (my opinion only)
He was wearing a pinkish/orange tee shirt and when he stood up had on
elevated platform sandals and bell bottom pants showing his ankles
The biggest surprise was the pair of Teets and a Bra though…
All the other stuff mention could be explained away (kinda)
No fashion sense, Comfortable shoes…whatever. Finger nail polish (black)
But the chest, wedding ring and WIFE! completely caught me off guard!
Now being at (20+) Craft events a years I see all sorts of things
Gay/Lesbians, Woman w/ Breast removal surgeries (tank tops showing scars), freeky kids,
Face tattoo circus oddities and I try not to judge, whatever floats yer boat
but THIS guy was just too much of everything, strutting around like a PeaCOCK
A former Licensed Contractor turned Wood Artist (Wine racks, Cutting boards and the like)Church members. The Shows are held in churches a lot BY CHURCHIES.
Now with all the ‘Happenings’ going on today this really isn’t a big deal but as Mike just said

and therein lies the problem for me. Is there Zero filter for Normal anymore? When is it a like
line in the sand crossing behavior? Boundaries have shifted over time as I grew older but is
‘EXTREME’ now the new normal?
There have always been people who object, protest, NOT COMPLY, You EXPECTED Protests in IRAN,
Muslims everywhere against the USA, England where ever… But defacing the actual White House
and there is zero Police presence? No Water cannons, No Push Back from Law Enforcement?
We’ve gone Wussyfied! We’ve Tucked Tail and bent over to NOT 0-Ffend anybody

Sad state of affairs That.
And we are now paying for this inaction.
God Bless the Republic of Amerikanaski
We are a laughing stock thanks to the Pudding/Nigerian Monkey and their Minions

I Pray for US and our Families :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us: :us:
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I guess for me I have become level green wen I need to be level orange+
a wake up call , even though I live in the north woods we are still at danger
for all the other things going on in the world.
We moved to a different church kinda out of the way and smaller ,I let my guard down, wen I need to be watching our 6 and head on a swivel still
so back on overwatch and scanning the area we are in :sunglasses:


Good to hear Brother Michael,
If I HAVE to go down fighting it’s with my head screwed on straight.
I’d sure hate to leave this ‘mortal coil’ (is that right?) w/ my head up my caboose!
What happened? Saint Peter asks? Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll, I was in Walmart and a shooter
came in and I just didn’t notice him until he started busting caps!
Not only am I (and probably My Sister too) But then Saint Peter calls me Stooooooooopid!
I don’t need that grief.
There is no longer safe passage anywhere.
That’s not to say BE PARANOID all the time
Be Aware.
Be cautious
Be watchful.
Be armed (if you can)

Don’t be a victim
Don’t be a Sheep
Don’t be a Stooge (I shoulda…)
I go to a Deli and I face the door.
I go to Walmart and I am in the moment all the time (Not on my phone)
(especially to and from the car…that’s a great time for bad $hit happens.)

I am glad you learned a lesson without Consequences (John Wick was BIG on driving that home to me)