Border Patrol has caught 127 illegal immigrants on FBI terror watchlist in fiscal 2023 | Washington Examiner

Border Patrol has caught 127 illegal immigrants on FBI terror watchlist in fiscal 2023 | Washington Examiner

Heads up! Especially those of you in the border states.


I guess I should feel good that they’re catching these folks.
But I wonder how many they didn’t catch?


Mostly Columbians that may have or had affiliation with FARC, not the Middle Eastern brand of terrorist. Not sure I would applaud the Border Patrol’s anti-terrorism credentials based on the description in the article …

"CBP does not disclose the nationalities of immigrants who were a match for the terror watchlist, and the FBI database includes known and suspected terrorists, which can include family members or affiliates of such people who are not themselves involved in terrorism.

Last August, the Washington Examiner obtained unpublished data from the Department of Homeland Security that showed how the government internally tracked where immigrants with terror ties had traveled from.

That data revealed that in the first six months of 2022, 25 of the 27 known or suspected terrorists arrested by Border Patrol were citizens of Colombia, not countries in the Eastern Hemisphere, where terrorist groups al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and others are based.

Immigration analyst Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute in Washington noted at the time that some Colombians on the watchlist might not be true terror threats.

“It’s … possible that the individual Colombians apprehended were affiliated with FARC or the United Self Defense Forces of Colombia, which have since been delisted as Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the State Department, but their individual names are still in the TSDS and haven’t been purged,” Nowrasteh said."

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I’m sure terrorist have satellite offices




I can see a whole lot of reasons for people in China to want to get out of there. Unfortunately I see an equally high number of reasons for the Chinese government to be sending over spies, sleeper agents and future saboteurs.

That is the one advantage to Communist controlled governments. It is a lot harder to infiltrate their strictly controlled boarders and populations. There aren’t too many people who want to pour over the boarder into a communist controlled nation and it’s a lot harder to blend in unnoticed and unmonitored for those few that do.


@Don102 maybe you can help him out :grinning:

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What do you me to say man, who cares, Let them in, everybody else is already here!

He might need you to upgrade your internet speed, he is a gamer. :rofl:

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I don’t care My Beloved Christmas Cat ‘Holly’ died today —see little dedication on Meme’s (4th edition)
All this sh$t just wore me down Brother’s. My Family just keeps taking hits until they Phuckin’ win.
I shouldn’t post anymore tonight (say something unbelievably stoopid) but I need to be here.
Sorry in advance

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I feel safer already. This is how they are sending in the national guard…


Yeah! But when does he start deputizing civilians :question:
That’s a real gauntlet!
It’s an invading force at the border. Nothing more nothing less!
FYI, the guy put in the White House shall never be called President!


127 huh, impressive! NOT!!! I wonder the number might be of immigrants on this watch list that have slipped through undetected. Maybe 1,5,133,1000, who knows!

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“Border Patrol has caught 127 illegal immigrants on FBI terror watchlist in fiscal 2023”

That’s just the southern “border”. Over 487 have been caught at the northern “border” so far this year.


SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Several migrant advocates in Baja California are calling for mass border crossings and blockades at ports of entry from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas to put pressure on the U.S. to allow more asylum-seekers into the country in the coming months.

The groups are threatening to have large groups of migrants “hop the border fence,” on Feb. 2, one organizer told reporters in Tijuana earlier this week.

“If we don’t have a resolution by Feb. 2, we’re going to convene blockades from Tijuana all the way to Matamoros,” said Sergio Tamai, director of the Ángeles Sin Fronteras shelter. “And we’re going to hop the fence and rush the border as a symbolic gesture.”

90,000 asylum seekers have entered the U.S. via California port of entry

Tamai said he knows many migrants who take part will be stopped and returned to Mexico, but it’s something he is willing to risk if some do make it across the border.

“This is our way of telling the United States, ‘Do you want this?'” Tamai said. “Do they want us to organize this mass illegal crossing?”

Stepped-up deportations will solve migrant crisis, border congressman says

Tamai stated this demonstration is also aimed at the Mexican government for not supporting migrants in their quest to get north of the border.

My view may be different than most here. I say STOP the nonsense, Secure the Border. Anybody ILLEGALLY attempting to gain entrance should be captured and returned to the other side of the fence. Line the Border with REAL soldiers. We have had ENOUGH. They are allowed to gain entrance for (3) years or Puddings disgusting Reign. STOP THE BLEEDING! SECURE THE PHUCKING BORDER FOR GOD’S SAKE! How many is enough?
How many is TOO MUCH?
They will keep coming if we let them
Then when their numbers overwhelm us (LIKE NOW!)
What will they do? They will create the same disaster they just fled from!
Enough of this Democratic/Progressive/Socialist Bulls**t!
I work HARD!
I want to feel safe!
This is an INVASION the likes we have NEVER seen!
Secure the WALLS!
ARM the Border
PROTECT our OWN for a change.
Biden’s Twisted reign MUST END!
Albuquerque looks like ‘Little Havana’ or Matamoros! or Juarez It’s DISGUSTING!
It’s DANGEROUS and it isn’t Phucking fair!

Sergio Tamai, director of the Ángeles Sin Fronteras shelter—YOU POS!
You want to ‘RUSH THE BORDER?’ I’ll give you something to cry about Ahole!
My Late Brother Wayne was a Warrior, My Father was in the CBI in WW2
My uncle was a 101st Airborne and dropped in Normandy and market Garden,
I lost (2) other Uncle’s in Vietnam!
You want to turn AMERICA into a 3rd world Sh
hole! Over my dead Body!
We won’t have to worry about a Corrupt election, Game on right Phuckin’ now!
They caught (127) ILLEGAL’S? WOW, they must be PHUCKIN’ Exhausted!
Apply for Disability! Holy God! what is wrong with us?

(wphew!) I need a Coke… We better all learn Spanish! Pronto!

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente

Bidenomic advisor?


What is it going to take?

What acts of UN-Godliness, Soullessness, Perversion, Immorality , Criminality…
is finally going to be too much for WE THE PEOPLE?
This is Bat S*** Crazy.