Bold move

While taking a day off and going to the cool ocean to relax there was two guys that came up to my house at 3;17 am and broke into the truck. Upon coming up to the house he waves to the camera. I have motion detection lights and three cameras and they did not seemed worried about it at all. They have to be local to know that because my jeep was not there that no one was home. What is worse is the hotel did not have good internet so we did not know till we got home.
Off to improving home defense now! Any other ideas out there that might help?


Thanks for sharing! Don’t have any ideas for you, but I need to look into security cameras and motion lights as well. I have to agree with you that it was nearby people that know your schedule, vehicles, etc.



Mustn’t be hard to catch.

Your lights worked. An alarm system that wakes up the entire block, maybe?


That is pretty bold. Are the images good enough to make a potential ID?

The construction crews I work with have security trailers that flash bright lights and a loud message saying you are being recorded and the police are on the way. Seems to scare away the tweakers even though these work sites are hours away from the nearest LEOs and they likely won’t respond till the next day if at all.


Still working on it right now!


Good luck. Hope you get the dirt bags!

We had a rogue scumbag move into our 0 crime neighborhood over a year ago. A couple second homes were broken into shortly after then things quieted down for a bit until he was recently seen and reported to be scoping out empty properties on multiple occasions. When he finally made his move he was seen and reported by multiple neighbors at multiple houses and caught on security cameras at another house. The sheriff caught him on the way out of town likely heading to the pawn shop.

Unfortunately he was released on bail shortly after despite having preexisting warrants for failing to appear in court on charges of assaulting and robing his mother a couple of years ago. Mother beater and neighbor robber. Is he bold or just an idiot? Guess there gonna wait till he hurts someone else before locking him up for awhile?? At least he seems to have moved out of the neighborhood.


You can use smart cameras which can play audio, once motion has been detected or you can talk to it through the app once you get notified about incident.
It is not a cheap solution, but some people may find it worth the money.

If interested, check

Here you have example of audio warning:


@Todd30 >> if your Jeep had a alarm, would the neighbors have heard
It ? The other thing is it’s very hard to get the fuzz to check for prints.
My home has a alarmed monitored security system but another easy thing I do with my gun safes is I keep them whipped down so that unless
Robbers have gloves on they will leave prints behind.
PS: check this out.


My gun safe is locked in a locked closet in a locked room. The house has two locked front doors that are separate doors with alarms on them. The truck is an 89 Ford 3/4 ton truck. We have the video of the two with one of them waving at the camera. I just added another motion detector light for even better lighting for a better view with the video camera. My Jeep is alarmed but, at the time I was 120 miles away at the ocean when this happened. I have also added it to my phone so I can be notified where ever I am at.


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