RV trailer this past Memorial Day weekend in AZ

This is our RV travel trailer, this past Memorial Day on our way to the Colorado River we stopped off at my mother in law’s house on Thursday for an overnight in Lake Havasu before we headed south past the Parker Dam. Parked onto her property, and hooked up for power. We arrived in the afternoon, I finished off working remotely from the office then settled in and visited while my Mom arrived to meet us. We had dinner then settled in for the night, we stayed in our RV with our Grandkids, and our puppy while our Mom’s slept in the house.

Now being the better safe than sorry person and mindset that I am, I cleared out the truck of valuables, electronic devices, tied down/locked down everything in the truck, truck bed cargo, and trailer storage.

At about 3a I was awakened by someone climbing onto out truck bed and attempting to pull some cargo. I felt the trailer dip/move, then the bounce as they tugged/pulled.

I grabbed my pistol, flashlight, and hit the lock, then unlock buttons on my key fob remote, which flashes the lights and horn, the unlock turns them on for a bit as courtesy lighting, I do this rather than the panic, as in my mind it lets someone know that someone is actively working those lights. We then made sure anyone outside knew someone was out there by talking out loud and announcing we were armed and calling the police.

Sure enough they took off, I went outside and looked to make sure the house was ok with our Mom’s inside, everything was secure on and around the truck/RV.

Went back inside and basically just laid there only to be starting work again at 5am or 6am as my GM lives and works from FL.

A neighbor came up and spoke with my mother in law saying they caught them on camera working his way up the street with her home being the last until we scared them off.

I have a few take aways from this, I’m glad it turned out as it did no one was hurt and nothing was stolen or damaged. Yet one thing that has bothered me with Lake Havasu was how dark the streets are at night. Another thing is they said that last couple of years during the holiday weekends this trend occurs as people have their boats, RVs, or vehicles loaded and ready to set out for the fun so these criminals have at it.

My instincts are telling me that it’s going to get worse until they are caught. It’s obvious they’re nearby and know where to look and where to go to. They’re “seasonal” and improving their “craft”, so better concentric levels of security need to be put in place with lighting, motion sensing lighting, and high profile visibility signage that video surveillance is in place. Good news is my mother in laws home is she parks her car in the garage, the other vehicles parked behind her locked secured 6 foot gates/fencing. She has two dogs and is armed.

My wife was surprised that someone was so brave to take that risk, and further surprised that I even felt their movement. I’m not surprised at all, criminals are very daring especially if they feel they can make a clean getaway.


Glad to hear you didn’t have to get into an altercation with the thieves. I have a feeling things will just get worse if this trend of letting criminals off easy continues. The anti police movement further exacerbate the problem as many police departments are under staffed and some officers even reluctant to engage for “minor” infractions should things escalate. If the anti-gun crowd manages to get their agenda through, it will likely get worse still. Man! I’m usually a very positive individual…:laughing:


I think that was the most positive take anyone could come up with given the current state of affairs:(


That goes to show that with checking everything is tied down and secured and can produce a positive situation with a what if plan as the above story showed. Leads me to think about what RV’s scenarios we should train and take the time to train the what it’s so if we encounter one we would be ready.

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Only suggestion I have is what I have added to my defense/protection team, a 120 lb German Shepard. I back him up with my weapon and let him do his job. Never had a return offender, never had anyone complain…I do make a police report, just to cover all bases !!! Officers always love to hear the story, no paperwork for them, no court hearing for me, no more repeat offenders…

Well-handled, IMO. Unlike Kalifornistan, Arizone will still throw a crook’s sorry ass in jail for significant thievery. So your light show and verbal warning carries pending sanctions. Funny how that works. Implied force can work as above if there is law supporting that implication and that law gets enforced.