Blasting at the Range

I always have a training plan when I go to the range. Sometimes it is a mental plan, other times I write it out on a piece of paper. Regardless, with the current price and limited availability of ammo I do my best to be sure every trigger pull has a training purpose.

Yesterday was different. I put a 40S&W and a 9mm with ammo and targets in my range bag and went with no plan whatsoever! Actually, that’s a lie – I went with a plan to just mag-dump at targets and that is pretty much what I did and man did I enjoy it!

I also pulled out the gun I was carrying and shot off one magazine of carry ammo with measurable bullet set-back from loading and re-loading, not one issue with any of them. I also did half a dozen 1 shot and double-tap magazine swaps just because I couldn’t help myself. Here’s a photo of one target from yesterday. I’m pretty sure it was three 10 round magazines, but can’t be sure, it might have been more? All in all an expensive range trip, but the smile on my face was worth it!


When I played golf, I had the same two approaches when I went to that range: either work on something(s) specific or just see how far I could hit the ball with the driver. One helps one’s game, the other helps one’s state of mind. Both lead to at least occasional smiles during and after.


Even though there was no plan, it sounds like you had a pretty productive trip to the range. “Mag Dumping” has benefits and does more than just throw money at a backstop. It lets you push your firearm a little more and lets you know how it handles faster firing rates. I also think that using your personal defense rounds on occasion is far more beneficial than most drills. You need to know that your firearm will cycle the ammunition that you carry to defend yourself.

Great to hear you had a successful trip to the range!


I know how you feel, dumping a few mags can get you rolling in the right direction.
9 ft - 12 ft - 15 ft - 21 ft Two targets at board up then turned board to bring other to targets to top position. Range shooting at is very strict, must shoot at shoulder height straight down range.

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