How many rounds in an average trip to the range?

At the range this week with my son, I only shot 200 rounds. I did the things I wanted to work on and took pictures and slo-mo video of my son firing his AR. I didn’t feel the need to keep shooting when I was happy with my shots throughout my entire range time.

How many rounds do you use in an average trip to the range?

  • <250
  • 251-500
  • 501-750
  • A lot more …
  • I’m not willing to divulge how many :innocent:

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How many rounds will you put through one target?


I use a lot of ammunition throughout the year, but if I can only shoot 2-3 mags at a time I’m good with that. Not all practice requires live fire. I can practice my draw with an empty mag well, and I do 10 practice draws each time I put my holster on. I can practice trigger time with dry firing which I also do before loading up for the day.

Meaningful practice doesn’t have to be expensive. Expensive practice isn’t necessarily meaningful.


250-500 of various calibers, from multiple guns. Some for training. The rest because I enjoy it.


My typical range day is about 100 rounds on 1 or 2 targets with addons (paper plates, playing cards) taped on to add extra challenges.


350- 400.
I’ve just realized how much does my freedom cost me :slightly_smiling_face:
[$61.95 - $70.80] - money well spent :love_you_gesture:


I’ve got 8 mag’s. Five 17 round and three 10 round. I just load them all up and go through them.


Depends on which range :slight_smile:

at the indoor range where I’m limited to an hour, between 150 and 200 usually.

at the outdoor range, probably between 200-300.

at home… could be anything between 3 mags (60-ish rounds) and several hundred.

Often I take a friend or a new shooter - for friends, probably another 150-200, for first time shooters, usually 50-100.

so… at 2-3 trips per week, with one or two being a friend trip, about… 650-1000 rounds a week.

Oh, plus I just joined a league, so add another 100 rounds a week for that.


Comes with a box of “Depends”… depends on what I am shooting, and what I am trying to accomplish (or not, and having fun). Usually above 250 for pistols… Also, the question stated per target… ah, I take anywhere up to 7 target stands… and use the plate rack… barrels… walls…


At least 100 rounds through each defensive firearm (.380 and .45), and probably 50-100 rounds of .22LR for funsies (and to reset the basics). As for how many in each target…until I can no longer tell where I’m hitting. I usually go through 3-5 targets per session.


Usually when I hit the “range” I am doing long range in the early morning and late afternoon with a bit of pistol and carbine in the middle of the day. All total there are north of 100 rnds of precision ammo on target. Pistol and carbine can be anywhere from 50 - 5K rounds depending on what I am doing and with whom. Pistol range is from 0 to 100 yards and Carbine range is from 0 to 500 yards. Long range is from 300 yds to +1 mile.

On the very other ends of the the question, if I am doing load development for a particular weapon platform I may only fire 100 rounds all day. If I am doing stress tests on pistols or carbines it is not unusual to put 5K+ rounds out in a day.

If I’m not working I think 100 - 1,000 rounds is not unusual depending on the various platforms.




I use two targets, one for my glock 19 g5 and the other for my Sig P365xl.
As a new shooter, I focus on defensive practice for now until I’m more proficient. As such, I target the body mass of the target and count the rounds outside of this area to measure performance; i.e. simple percentage math, #of rnds outside of mass (misses) / rnds fired. The lower the number, the better it is. I fire minimum of 50 or more rnds per pistol.


Depends on what guns I bring.

I like to cycle my 10/22 through all 6 mags each range day.

Four 10rd mags.
Two 110rd mags.

My carry 9s, usually 50-100 each (2 main ones)

AR15, 60 minimum.

Revolvers, .22 Magnum, 50 or so.

Revolvers, .38spl 50 or less

New carbine (will probably run over 200 on its first time out to the range, then maybe about 50 an outing)

Mosin, 25 or so.

Think that about covers what I take to the range except maybe my AR10, a mag or 2 (25rds)

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Typically, one box (50) with 3 or 4 different handguns


I made a trip after court yesterday morning. 100 rounds from 3-15 yards with my EDC firing at a B29 target alternating dominant and non-dominant hands supported and unsupported.


Typically, I will go though 150 rounds with 2 different handguns. Use 1or 2 targets and take some masking tape for drills.

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I typically shoot every 2 weeks, 50-100 rounds per trip. Dominant hand, non-dominant hand, with/without prescription glasses, etc. During my “bye weeks” I’ll often dry practice with my BarrelBlok. And I always cycle 100+ rounds of my self-defense ammo before relying on it for CC. Right now that ammo is WWB 147gr HP’s.

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Kudos to you Jerzy for practicing. Most of my friends have $5K+ in guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, yet haven’t fired their weapons in years.

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Thx @Paul1.
I take this business seriously and perfection is needed here.
I’m trying to be also responsible for my sons (even they are not kids anymore :pensive:) and want to teach and pass them the best gun procedures / techniques.