Big thanks to the first 50 commenters on the USCCA Community

Glad to have you back, @SeakK038!

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@Dawn I was wondering when the community was launched? From my searches, less that 1 1/2 to two years? It’s a wonderful addition to USCCA. I regret than I’m too late to be one of the first 50. What’s been the biggest challenge and were there growing pains? Love it here. Thank you!

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We officially opened in January 15, 2019. It’s been an awesome experience getting to know everyone. The hardest part of the growth is not knowing everyone as well - because 99.9% of people here are awesome! (The occasional trolls aren’t as fun :woman_shrugging: )


It obviously exploded with members! That’s a lot to keep up with. Thank you.


And, hopefully some of us will get to meet in person, in April.


Thanks for having me in the community, I just got started about a week ago and have got answers to some of my questions with out even asking because someone else had the same thought


I plan on hiding in the corner and watching for the crazy ones to show up. Those are the ones i am sure I will get along with.


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