Best handgun made in Turkey?

In your opinion, what is the best handgun made in Turkey? Do you own one?


Never owned one because the original product - Walther was much better :ok_hand:

An interesting article on Turkey and Turkish firearms. :tr:

I have a Stoeger str-9. Great gun but aftermarket is almost nonexistent. Extra mags are just now starting to become available.

I use it as my EDC but considering upgrading.

I have between 1100 and 1200 rounds through it.

If I don’t upgrade I will be adding night sights.

I would highly recommend getting the model with the night sights from the factory.


I bought a Canik TP9sf & I am not kidding. it feels & shoots like a high dollar gun. The trigger is amazing, it has never failed and it’s a damn good looking pistol to boot! I am flipping slap happy with this $369 gem. Love it!!! The stock sights are blackout rear with a “U” cut and the front sight fits in the cut perfectly. I put tritium on mine but really liked the stock sights. There is a bit of effortless take up on the trigger but it’s smooth as silk & the reset is short & you can really feel it. It’s a fast & accurate shooter that holds 18+1 with two high quality mags, a holster, cleaning rod & brush with a larger back piece for large hands like mine. I highly recommend this pistol


Canik TP9SFx. It’s mod’ed for USPSA & Steel Challenge Carry Optics division and I mounted a Triicon SRO.

They are outstanding firearms with excellent triggers out of the box. The trigger can be made much better by adding a Freedomsmith trigger.

Best “bang-for-the-buck” firearms you can find.


The SAR-USA (Sarsilmaz) Model B6 is a really terrific pistol. It is tough, accurate, ergonomic, and smooth. 9mm, 17 +1, comes with 2 mags, and has never failed, Even in this market you can find these for less than $350 retail. I don’t hesitate to recommend it highly and will put it up against many of the higher priced competitors; you get just as much gun for $100-$200- even $300 less. The only possible downside (for some folks) may be that it has no rail for accessories. No

Just my thoughts based on experience. YMMV.



I’d rather not support Erdogan’s national economy by purchasing Turkish products (or from the PRC) if at all possible.
I guess I’m wierd that way.


For people who don’t care about Erdogan:

SARUSA is giving $30 rebate for SAR9 model.
Additionally this pistol can be bought for $250 this month. (Palmetto State Armory).

Seems to be the best handgun on the market within that price range these days.

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This one…

I do not care about the internal affairs of other countries. America and Americans should not judge other countries by American standards or try to force democracy on other countries.



I’d like to see this post as a sticky one on few threads at this Community… :wink:

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just do it

Canik TP9 sfx - If you ever get a chance to shoot one, you won’t regret it. They have the smoothest trigger right out of the box and have great optics. I bought one that came with a Vortex Viper red dot and it is a tack driver. Get one before the prices start to increase. I’m kicking myself for wait as long as I did. I could have probably saved myself $200 if I would have purchased it a few years ago. Awesome gun for the money. Awesome gun for any price.