Best 9mm to carry

When I took my VA CHL training at the NRA Range in 2005, received a bit of advice…my instructor was an off duty LEO/retired .mil…he and I were admiring the plethora of handguns my fellow students had brought in to train with (my Walter PP was all I had) and told everyone something that sticks to me today…in the event of a CHL-involved incident, the firearm will be confiscated until the case is settled, so you might want to think about carrying a BBQ gun, or $$$$$ high end weapon…carry something you are comfortable and trained on all the time, but also something that is not an heirloom…so for me, a simple plain G19. YMMV, but key words were…comfortable, trained on, and with you!


I am 70 now, been shooting for a number of years (a lot)… and a 5 year member of US CCA. I personally prefer almost everything Ruger. I have several auto’s and revolvers; I really like the engineering of this brand. The weight is usually mid-range compared with comparable mfg. models and the hand fit has always been comfortable (for me) in the mid-size to full size weapons. I have yet to find a sub-compact that I was really happy with… I have 2, and they are dedicated to back-up service. The Ruger is easy to maintain & clean. The fire rated on the auto’s with a firing pin (rather than hammer) is as fast as you can safely pull the short travel (draw) trigger. I have always found the Ballance to be good and seldom have any concerns or issues with any Ruger I purchase. Most of all the Ruger is reliable. The cost of most Rugers is in the mid-range… affordable… The greatest concern with the purchase of a new weapon is can you handle it with confidence in all levels. If not, it is not the right weapon for you.