Best 9mm to carry

I own these 9mm compacts: S&W Shield, Ruger SR9C and Springfield XD.

Available options depend on your price range and location.


oh man… debating on doing a “story time”. you stated that you are new so let’s break this down Barney Style!

First things first, there is no right answer, there are models/brands that are better in different areas and depending on what you deem important, this would more so, dictate your choice.
Most big name brands have size categories ; Full, Compact, Sub Compact, Micro. (this does not include competition sizes, different brand wording, ect). Also note that a “size” in one brand may not even be close to the same “size” in another. Example would be that a Sub Compact in one brand may be the same size as a Compact in another brand.
Glock, 9mm, for example:
Full - Glock 17= 17+1 your IWI Masada falls here
Compact- Glock 19= 15+1
Sub compact - Glock 26 = 10+1
Micro(single stack) - Glock 43 = 6+1

Here is a major thing to consider, in my opinion. The smaller you go, the harder it is to shoot in rapid succession. Example is your IWI Masada which would be a full with 17+1. If you have only ever shot that gun then jumped to a Glock 43 or a Sig P365 ect… Your rapid fire shot placement would be all over the place. (many will argue this point but those who do, forget they are experienced shooters). The recoil on a micro is larger due to less weight on the gun absorbing it. So make sure you train the fundamentals and practice on any new gun. As you progress, you will be able to pick up pretty much any handgun and hit a target regardless if you have ever shot it before. Here is my favorite quote-
-smaller gun ; you gain better concealment but you loose round capacity. You gain a lighter gun to carry but end up with more recoil on rapid fire.

Another category is $$$$$$$$$$$. How much are you willing to spend or able to realistically afford? I personally would never buy or trust my life to a “High Point” or a “Taurus”(gonna make people mad). However, if you had a choice between having nothing and those… well I would choose to have something. If you are going into the higher reliability range, you should expect to spend $500-$650. A lot of the Brands that most people carry will fit into this category
Glock/Sig P series(not legion)/CZ/Hellcat
(These do not include sales or anything like that and many popular guns can be bought cheaper). Once you go above that $600 range, you are just nitpicking at that point. I love FN and personally would rather carry it than my Glock but I cannot afford it. I did buy the new MR920 and I will post on the Forum as soon as I get it.

I recommend going to a range that allows you to rent handguns (many near me rent unlimited for $30). normally you can take 1 or 2 at a time. Buy a few boxes of 9mm and shoot 20 rounds through all the handguns they allow for rental (ones in the size you wish to carry). After you shoot through what you want, go back through and shoot them in reverse order. Create a pro and con to each. Then go home and look up pros and cons on the logistical side -Price/availability for parts/ holsters/ any other things you deem important.
Another way to do this is decide your budget and then find guns in that price range and go shoot those.

Be warry of Sig P320 as they have had hundreds of cases of rounds going off without a trigger pull, even while holstered (new lawsuit as of 07/2020). I personally love shooting the P320 my grouping is great but always look into these issues as well. However the Sig p365 is great!


I mean you aren’t wrong… lol… I honestly think it is the P320 that has had the issues. I have not heard the same issues from other models. I would not carry it with a round in the chamber.


Guns are very subjective so ^^^^^^^ that advice ftw. Find a range and rent a few different 9 mm and see what you like most. Maybe even try a .380



Sounds like you should look at single stack 9mm. Go to your local store and ask for the available single stack 9mm. I know there is a shortage of guns nationwide, so be prepared for little choice. Also weight is an issue, so look for polymer gun vs. steel.

I’d also look at your holster. If it’s not anchored securly, it will move around during your day. You want something that keeps your weapon in 1 place.

Good luck!


As far as I am aware, it’s just the 320 line, which is really a shame :pleading_face::sob:


Welcome to the family and god bless you.


It’s time to stop joking about P320 issue… which doesn’t exist anymore. Problem solved 2 years ago. That’s it, end, finish, fine, finito, koniec, ende, telos, slutet, конец, veg, kraj… :wink:
As prove of that you can take Wilson Combat’s word, the Company who makes WCP320 models based on P320…


That is incorrect, There are plenty of cases of the issue still happening even after the “voluntary upgrade” some in the last few months.

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Details please…

But… actually, let’s don’t change thread topic… Let’s continue on this :point_down: thread:


All right I have made the 1 millionth mistake in typing. Thank you very much for that
great help. Sig Sauer 365, 9 mm Series.

These are only examples for anyone. Thank you for your help.



No worries… we all make mistakes writing posts here. Yours was just funny :wink:

I still remember when @TexasEskimo was questioning my vocabulary last year… :joy:


What a can of worms !

The best 9mm? Buy a name brand gun (no cheap junk) and you’ll be fine. The “best” will be one you are comfortable with, shoot well and will carry.

That said, I probably carry my Sig P224 the most followed by the P938 then the M11-A1


I’m starting to think the best 9mm now days is actually a 10mm. You can still find ammo…


The one thing that I have found that I like in a concealed carry gun is the newer versions that have a longer grip, or magazine well, Think Glock 43X compared to the 43.


^^^^ This! We could all suggest different guns, but until you shoot them (or at least one similar) you won’t know what you like.


Hey @FERNANDO10 To address your OP concern about your MASADA, the thickness. If you feel the grip is to thick then yes, my recommendation is to change your firearm NOW in the early stages of your learning and training.

I made the mistake of falling in love with a firearm AFTER I had already done extensive training with it.

My recommendation for you would be to try the Ruger SR9C. The grip is NOT to thick on it even for a double stack. Other great advantages is it has an ambidextrous mag release and safety. It also has a “Round in Chamber” indicator so you always know when it is loaded, by site or feel. It has a rail underneath the barrel/slide for attached accessories, and holsters are readily available by near all manufactures.

Also, it is not crazy expensive.


I have to go along with the Glock 43. It is reliable. There are plenty of accessories. It shoots well for its size.


Thank you very, very much to all of you who took the time to answer me.
I really did not expect such a reaction and desire to help and inform.
I will follow the advice to rent several weapons and try them out.
I must look for a shooting range that has indoor range, due to a skin condition it must be indoor, but it is rare to get one in Virginia.
I am really looking for, besides reliability and accuracy, that it is a lightweight and not too wide.
Again, I am grateful to everyone.


Depends on the weather… I have the Walther CCP M2 & HK VP9SK.
I’m not familiar with IWI but I recommend either of those as well as the other fine options listed by Community members!

No Glocks though :smile::v:t5: