Bersa 380 rear site blade


Seeing as I have not had any luck anyplace else I thought I would ask here. I am looking for a replacement for the rear site blade for a Bersa Thunder 380.

The short story, I went down on my bike (couple years ago). No damage to the bike and I suffered a couple of scrapes. The gun (after being thoroughly checked) still fires and only suffered a couple of cosmetic scratches and the loss of the rear site blade.

I am almost to the point of trying to make a replacement myself but thought I would see if anyone here knew of someone/someplace I might be able to find one. The part (if I could get it) is under $20.00. So far I have not found anyone willing/able to order it for me. I have the spring and adjusting screw but have lost the blade.

Does anyone here know where I might be able to get one or point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.




Thank you and it is ordered.
I don know how many searches I did and could not find that.

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Not a problem! I’m glad I could help. I kind of want one of those.


I have one, my son has one and one of the women I took shooting for the first time who went on to get her CC has one.
I have never had a problem with it nor has any of the people I know. A gunsmith I use to see once a week told me to look at it when I was thinking about a Walther. He told me I would like the Bersa better in my hand and he was right.


Google searches are odd, but if you understand the marketing behind it, it makes more sense. Google will show the truglo sights first because the website selling the truglo sights have marketers paying Google for keywords so their product shows up first. The companies selling the $2.00 sights are probably not paying for keywords at all.

I’ve shot a Bersa Thunder and it was nice! A little big for a pocket pistol, but I think a very, very strong contender for a smaller carry gun that won’t break the bank and is reliable. I never really heard anything bad about them.

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The woman I know with one got it with the laser site. I still have mixed emotions on it. She thought she would love it but doesn’t. It shows her how much she actually moves on target and that bothers her or it use to. We have not gotten to the range together in almost 2 years now.


Huh, well that happens when you first start shooting.


My wife has a bersa thunder and it’s a great pistol for the money.
I’ve had a Walther PPK and the Bersa. I’ll take the Bersa anyday over the Walther
(sorry James Bond) No slide bite, better site picture, more capacity,
That’s my 2 cents on it.