Aftermarket Sights

I’ve been shopping fiberoptic pistol sights as an optional accessory. The pattern I want is red front - twin green rear - in a non-snag combat style - adjustable, if possible. I’ve looked at Novak, TruGlo, HiViz, Williams, Speed Sights, Advantage, and trapezoidal sights, along with SureSights. So far, TruGlo and Novak seem to fill the bill - at least one maker used to offer a slightly larger front dot to compensate for sight picture perceptional difference, and the pistols I want to acquire are in the 4" - 5" barrel range. I have no interest in nightsights, lasers, or electronics - any advice/comments from tired old eyes like mine? Since my double cataract surgery, I only have to wear reading glasses, and images jump out at me.


Pretty much all my carry guns have one of two setups. Tru Glo TFOs or HiViz fiber optic front sight with the preferred ones being the HiViz below. I really have all but abandoned nights tritium sight in favor of this setup. If there is ANY ambient light (or electronic light) at all for me to see a target the HiViz will have a clear, bright glowing dot for me to pick up in a hurry. For about $32 per site and being non tritium it never has to be replaced and it’s built like a brick outhouse.


They look like this with a factory rear Glock sight.

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I prefer to use heat seeking bullets.

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Still feel like I’m just starting out. I’ve yet to change sights on mine. Still cannot get out of the idea that in an emergency, I’ll be in more of a defensive, point and shoot, and seconds counting situation. However, for range, I can see how having good sights makes it more enjoyable.

I wonder if factory sights are set to accuracy, and that if I ever change sights, I’d like to conduct a careful and controlled pre and post test; Would my newer sights truly line up so that where I aim thru them, it’s spot on "zero’d’ in?

I heard some prefer to use only one target at the range. I’m the opposite, I enjoy changing targets often, with a pen - I write on the target, the model, caliber, type of ammo, and any other variable I used, to help study my accuracy. It makes it more interesting to me. :sweat_smile:

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The very first optic sights I purchased ( went the cheap route ), was from Lakeline Cheap but did the job for me. I also wear readers but at the range and doing a few drills that I do, they work just fine for me.

       At first I thought that it would be difficult to change out the sights, but it was no problem at all. Like I stated,  I went with the cheapest so I had to clip here and burn there but they serve their purpose for me. I might spend a Lil more of a few of my other weapons later down the line plus add a steel  parts here and there.

Another thing to consider, specifically with a concealed carry firearm, is if the modification might affect your appearance or standing in court. Not sure how much a sight would matter, but am sure trigger modifications, reloaded ammo etc. surely can. Then think about snagging and other potential issues. Again speaking specifically of ccw arms.


I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

“If you have intentionally fired your gun, the trigger pull weight is most likely legally irrelevant. When you discharge a firearm, the fact that it operated with a very light or a heavy trigger pull will likely be of little consequence to any resulting legal matters because if you intentionally shot someone or something, the key legal issue will be whether or not you were justified in the shooting, with trigger pull weight being an afterthought.”


@KURT17 , I have the M&P Shield Performance Center 9mm and it came with fiber optic sights, green front and dual red rear sights. I love them.


In an emergency you’ll still have to get accurate shots out, you can’t miss fast enough. Whether by Kinesthetic alignment (point and shoot) or by carefully using your sights for accuracy the front sight still plays a very important role.

Changing sights should not change the accuracy of the gun as long as you get the correct model for your gun. if you are not hitting to POA after you upgrade sights you just adjust the new sights as you would with factory ones.

I’m one of those that only uses one target at the range when I’m training for SD. I might vary POA on the paper (from High Center Chest to head or pelvic girdle) but those sessions are meant to drill into me the idea of connecting with a target in the right area(s), so all shots, regardless of the gun(s) I’m running that day will be landing in the same spot(s).

When doing load development then I will use different targets or different points of aim on a target to figure out group sizes etc. Small 1" stick-on orange dots are great for those days. I can turn a silhouette target around to the blank part and give myself 10 different POAs by just sticking dots on it, so I guess its still technically speaking the same target.


Appreciate that John. Both your points have been my primary criteria when investing in a firearm. Nice to hear others like minded. Take care bud.

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Hi Enzo. Pretty cool. Thanks for taking the time. I’ve a relative who is a retired LEO. When we go “ranging”, I’m always amazed on his accuracy, like yours, wow. I bring my own "arms’, and he’s bulls-eyes-ing the target, with my “arms”, whereas I’m far from that. I gotta go more often with him, not just to enjoy his company, but to learn.