Senior Defense?

Any one on here ever hear of this outfit or anyone have any information on them. It is for those that want to take a look. Sounds like it might be okay but still seems rather strange in a way.

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The link says it cannot be reached. :thinking:

[quote=“BRUCE26, post:2, topic:42389”]
The link says it cannot be reached.

Same here.

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Dead link.

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That is strange as I was on the site yesterday just before I posted. I didn’t mean for that to be a link but it wound up like it was. Just type it in manually and try. Sorry about the confusion.

Try and see if you can get it.

Harvey, I think that’s just an ad for a probably less than stellar laser. It’s so large that a person has to use their off hand to use? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It also appears that you have to order the Ruger pistol that it fits. What if a person wants to mount it on something else?

Looks to me like a way to take money from unwitting seniors. :angry:

Personally, I would pass. Look into Crimson Trace or other light companies.

You are thinking just about what I am about it. I did run into it in a magazine for older people. I do like the idea though and if you have prob lems with your eyes shooting to the laser is a great idea but just not this one. I want to thank every one that has responded to my question.

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Here’s a good place to start.
If your handgun has a short section of pic rail below the muzzle, this company probably has a laser to fit it.
I own 3 of their models and highly recommend them!

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