XS Sights ---> night sights

DXT2 Night Sights. Try them. You will like them.

I’m partial to Ameriglo Hackathorn type. Lots of good choices out there, fair amount of personal preference involved. I definitely have come to prefer a blacked out rear, though


Why will we like them? Is this thread your person review? How about some pictures and a nice narrative from you explaining the pros and cons and why you are recommending them to us.

Or is this just another one of these spam threads that begin what would be considered a fruitful discussion only to spiral downward like your threads always do?

Let us know now so that we can all update our ignore list.

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I only have the factory sites on my pistols and have on demand lasers on all and sighted in at 50 yrds

@Mike270 DXT2 Night Sights looks very interesting. Bigger/brighter is better. Sure am going to look into them. It’s a plus in addition to my laser at low light to zero in on a target.

All my scopes are day/night Thermal scopes and I have a clip on day/night thermal scope if I need to see through a regular scope or used as a thermocular

I replaced my laser with a bayonet.

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