Being permanently banned from Walmart

Now that I have you here and your interests peaked, I’m not being banned from Walmart.
But from what I’ve seen people sign this form when they are banned. And with the non- logical thinking that’s been happening it’s only going to take some uneducated employee to panic over a firearm that’s legally carried to get you banned. (Scenario: you are conceal carrying at Walmart and an employee freaks out and calls the police then notifies the manager to ban you from the store.)
My question is this: Are you legally bound to sign their banned document or can you just state that you’ll leave their property?
Say the police have been called and are present when they confront you with the document.
Question 2: the police request you hand over the firearm to them, do you comply? (Again you are 100% legal in what you’re doing)

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Welcome to the Community @Bob-B! That’s a great question.
Let me start by I do not know what the laws in your jurisdiction are unless you are in Kentucky and cannot give legal advice regarding such laws.
No one can force you to sign a walmart form saying you agree that you have been banned. The only time I have seen people banned form Walmart in my area is when they have been caught shoplifting. They still can’t make you sign something. It might be beneficial to sign it if they agree not to press charges as a compromise in that case.
If they ban you, whether you sign a form or not, you may be subject to prosecution and a trespasser.
If you are legally carrying a firearm in a Walmart, and by this I mean you are legally carrying it there under state law, then it seems that all they can do is ask you to leave and not come back. No you should not be legally required to sign such a document, even if the police are present.
If the police ask you to hand over your weapon, whether you are legally carrying or not, my advise will always be to comply with the police officer’s commands, however, I would not hand them the weapon. As a former LEO, I would suggest you tell them where the weapon is located, and let them retrieve the weapon from you. I would suggest your hands over your head in submission. If they are wrong about what they are doing, that fight needs to happen another day.


If I read the Walmart ‘request’ correctly, it only applies to open carry. I have a CCW and always carry concealed. The only exception would be when afield during deer season. Therefore I anticipate no conflict when shopping at Walmart in future.


Right. Walmart banned open carry. If an employee spots you carrying concealed I guess you failed, eh?

Concealed means concealed.


In Louisiana you are required to allow the police to disarm you if they ask.


The permit shall be retained by the permittee who shall immediately produce it upon the request of any law enforcement officer. Anyone who fails to do so shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars. Additionally, when any peace officer approaches a permittee in an official manner or with an identified purpose, the permittee shall:

  1. Notify the officer that he has a weapon on his person;
  2. Submit to a pat down;
  3. Allow the officer to temporarily disarm him."

Interesting, some kinda sexist language in the state laws…:grinning:

Good thread, some interesting replies.

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