BEFORE.You.Get out.of.your vehicle ❓

Before you exit your vehicle.?? DO YOU SCAN. AREA. Before. Leaving the safety of your VEHICLE :question:


Absolutely! And before I get back in.


Situational awareness. Always. Even at the airport behind TSA in the “secured area”. And I am at the airport a lot. Sometimes 5-6 segments per week. Even there I’m sitting with my back to a wall so I can have a good picture of what is going on around me.



I scan before I even park!

It was part of my driver training as a delivery driver.

Didn’t think it would apply to guns,… but it sure does!


Will-B. Brother it can save your life just to make a drive around before exiting your vehicle . Gate job brother :us::100::100::100::bangbang:


I scan before I park! If the area doesn’t feel safe, I move on. I also park facing out (so I don’t have to back up). If I am with my wife she waits inside the store (or whatever). I retrieve the car and bring it as close as possible to the door.


Good JOB SIR . I drop Debbie ann at the door and park . But I have her go with me when I go so I can protect her . Great idea back in hell I would hit a vehicle getting fancy I was a biker to long some times I run over them dam concrete things and I don’t stop once my front tires are over it haw haw I love driving vehicles great on my azz haw haw :orthodox_cross::chile::us::100::feather::feather::100:


Are you looking for snakes hiding in your car? :wink:


He’s looking for Leg’s Sir, Feet --skells Crouching down as we all should.

I really like Larry’s ‘Facing out parking’ comment makes a ton of sense

And Tom’s ‘back to the Wall’ sitting I do all the time especially restaurants and public places.
Will/Tom: talking about Situational Awareness and Scanning never gets old.

It’s a damn shame we have to talk like this but I want to see this madness through and to do that I have to stay alive. I thought a few times in Battle I wasn’t going to make it, but I’ll be doggone if I am just going to hand them my life on a platter.
NO Sir.



Mostly before parking, but yes.

Especially at gas stations. Gas stations are pretty much condition orange. Well, I say that, but, I think people might misuse the codes here…by the definition I’ve seen you can’t really be in orange unless you have a specific identified potential threat, but, if orange is possible as a general situational awareness condition…at gas stations or rest areas or similar…that.

And +1 for pulling through or backing in as much as possible. Get a good luck first, then back in, so you can drive forward out.

Also, when you get back into your car, don’t sit there staring at your phone. Go somewhere else and stop to look at your phone or at least start the car, put it in drive with foot on brake, and then look at phone etc so you can go super easy and quick


Doggone Nathan!

The Gas Stations and damn phones, I see people on them in a parking lot (NOT LOOKING AROUND AT ALL!) Oblivious!
makes we want to sneak up on them and gentle knock on their window! (Good way for me to get shot dead to!) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
(St.Peter:) How’d you die son"
(Me;) Well Sir …i knocked on a stranger’s window as she was on her phone…Bang Bang,stupid
(St.Peter:) DUMBASS! !
Not a good start entering heaven (with a hole in my head.)

As for condition Code?
I’d say I’m in condition Yellow mostly when I leave the house.
I’m just trying to stay safe here, Not burn out on maybe dangers
and be ready if it gets to DANGER CLOSE. But to me it’s a fine line lately
(I carry all the time now more than ever before)
I have no idea when anything, If anything will happen. My gut say’s Bad will happen though
My crystal Ball has been cloudy since…well, honestly the Stolen election…
It’s all gotten sideways since then.
Rational people acting out
Lies and erratic behavior daily…


Don102 I Love You SIR BROTHER WE HAVE TO GET AHEAD OF THIS AND IT IS NOT EVEN HAPPENING . Just the kids that are here are an army . Seriously . NOT A JOKE . And they want death to America :us:. My Lord . C


Love that scale!

I’d say I’m yellow constantly unless I’m asleep.

And orange when I’m outside the house.

I have been at red within the last week!

(Road rage,… apparently I shouldn’t have changed lanes?)

Thankfully I didn’t have to present my gun, but it was in hand at low ready. (For being seated while driving)

I had my escape route planned and was ready to retreat rather than open fire.

Nonetheless, my gun was at the ready if lead needed to fly!


The one I know, code black is overstressed/freaked out/loss of coherent thought or, I suppose, panic and losing your head


Ditto here


The lot gets a good scan when pulling in. My parking selection is based on parking and traffic patterns, normally backing into a space at the perimeter to observe the lot. At gas stations the pump of choice is an island on the exterior so as to observe. I also back into the garage at home while using my mirrors and once parked I am focused immediately to the front.


I’ve been called that paranoid guy head always on swivel looking in front beside and behind


That’s a good point Brother Deranged!
At Costco I try far RIGHT end of the Islands (MAGA Right of course! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
and I DON’T face the pump as I see all the time (or on the phone (as I see all he time)
I’ve seen enough ‘Static fires’ by people getting in and out of the car multiple times, causing friction with their clothes and talking on the idiot box phones to last a lifetime.
I start the pump and am scanning, scanning, scanning—good place for an attack
You are stuck! Plugged in, NO SIR! and I have my collapsible baton in my pocket JIC.


You haven’t seen the snakes out here! :rofl:


No step on Snek!