Be Careful When Ordering Online

Pay attention when you’re shopping online. I recently was surprised to find out Hoppes now makes a foaming bore cleaner - orange that turns blue from copper fouling - in 3 oz. and 12 oz. sizes. The 3 oz. is $9 plus change, but the 12oz. is $5 more plus change, so I ordered one of each for home and range use, but I mistakenly added Black Clean to my cart. The Hoppes site has no “delete” function, nor could they change my order from their end - so I had to close out my order and pay for three items to get the two I wanted. By the way, Otis does own Shooters Choice, so I’m presuming that their foaming cleaner is the same formula with a different label - a bit of smart marketing. FYI

I think you have missed something during viewing the cart and finalizing the purchase.
I’ve been buying from Hoppe’s website and never had any issue removing or changing cart’s content.

When you look closer at “Foaming Bore Cleaner”, these three seem to be using same manufacturer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I put a spring water bottle on the end of the pitched rifle barrel to catch the exiting foam and used patches. I also adapt the foam tube for a tight fit in the camber to stop foam from getting into the action.
I cut a section of the bottle off like a tray for access to the cleaning rod jag or brush.
PS: to remove lead fouling I’ve had very good luck with Lead away by Kleen Bore.

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Pay Attention To What Kind Of Dollar Sign is used if it’s not UNITED STATES, that got me once. I didn’t
realize it until I hit the pay button. It cost more but but if it was a big dollar item it would have been a
bigger mistake.
You can also I think in most cases cancel the order within a certain time period after placing the order.
It’s also a good idea to read the product reviews. IE: Walmart was selling JBL knock off speakers and I hit
Pay button before reading the reviews and, It was knock off speaker. This not the first time I had
Problems with Walmart products ( to say the very least ).