Foaming Bore Cleaners

With so many choices out there, Hoppes, Gunslick, Shooters Choice, and Otis appear to be my best, but which are the most effective? Hoppes is orange which turns black as it dissolves copper, and Gunslick turns green as it reacts to copper, but what about the other two, and strong chemical odors they produce?


I use Wipe Out Patch Out made by Sharp Shoot R for cleaning the bore/chamber of my AR-15. I believe it to be superior to the others on your list.


I use Hoppes. Works for me. I’ll check out some others. Always looking for a better product


Hoppes makes two foaming cleaners - one regular aerosol, and another they call “Elite” with a pump-sprayer. I should’ve added Outers to my list - Birchwood-Casey was considered too mild for copper fouling. Since my interest is on handguns - and at $9.00-plus for 3-4 ounces - you can bet I’m looking for the very best foamer I can find. I think Otis is made by Shooters Choice - Otis looks like they acquired or partnered up with the brand. FYI


Thanks for the. tip. I’ll try it for sure


I’m using Hoppe’s Traditional Foaming Bore Cleaner. After research, reading reviews and watching videos I decided to go with “least expensive to enough effective ratio” product.

Hoppe’s Bore cleaners are very confusing.
They have Traditional Foaming Bore Cleaner, Elite Gun Cleaner, Elite Foaming Gun Cleaner and Black Copper Cleaner. These all 4 are intended to clean bore.
So far I’m very satisfied with the basic one and I’m not thinking about using anything else.


If you clean your rifle after using it like I do, you wouldn’t need more CLP and Shooters Lube.

  1. I spray it with Shooters Lube first.
  2. Wait couple of minutes then wipe it
  3. Spray it with CLP and let it sit for few minutes, while I clean the rest of the components.
  4. Wipe it with patches.


That’s it, I don’t have to smell crap.


I use CLP on my pistols. Great stuff.


I have used GUNSLICK PRO with good results, it comes in 2 sizes 3oz. and 12oz. one will fit in your range bag and the other for your bench.

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I used traditional Hoppes to clean revolvers for decades. Then, I switched to their Elite liquid, not foam. I found that the Elite did a better job of cleaning. Your experience may vary. It should be noted that the Elite does not have the same smell as the traditional formulation.