Opinions About RAMRODZ?

Is anybody using these with success - time-saving, minimal mess, etc.? I’d thought about using multiple bore-mops to avoid the messy, geedee patches we’re stuck with all the time.

Use them on all my guns. Love 'em.


Hello and welcome @Michael1353


I don’t know what those are, but, based on what you wrote…I use Boresnakes by Hoppes and have for a very long time. All I ever need


These are large “Q-Tips”, tightly-wound cotton swabs on bamboo rods, sized for handgun and rifle calibers. They’re intended to end the mess you have with changing out cleaning patches, and come in bags of 100-on-up for handguns. Each 50-count comes in its own resealable bag.

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I’m not sure how effective those would be. Seems like you would need to use several to get the barrel really clean and would likely need to run a brass brush through the barrel before using them as well. Seems like more stuff to have to throw in the trash when you are done.

Like @Nathan57 i am really happy with the Boresnakes. They have the brass brush built in so all I have to do is run them through the barrel a couple times and call it good. No muss no fuss and completely reusable so there is nothing to throw away. Though I do use a patch or two to wipe down the rest of the pistol. But those are dirt cheap and don’t take up any space in the trash.