Has anyone used ballistoil to clean your gun and is it any good? Do you use an additional oil with it?


I just watched a CZ EVO cleaning video and apparently the manual suggests using it. I used what I had.


I am waiting for it to arrive from Amazon but as a non-essential item it is a 3 week wait :(, since the local stores are out Amazon was my only choice. Seems like a good product thanks for your input @Brad.


Yeap, that’s really great product. Have been using it for year.
However do not treat it as cleaner. It does some cleaning job, but there are a lot of better cleaners.
Definitely this is a great lubing product. No needs to use other lube after Ballistol.


@I_am_Harry Lately most of my Amazon purchases show an initial 3 week wait. But all have come in less than a week. I think they are trying to manage people’s expectations with a “worst-case” scenario. IMHO.


Ditto. 3 weeks is actually about a week in my recent observation. 3w is the default tile when Amazon ships via external sources that aren’t “ships from/sold from Amazon.”

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@I_am_Harry Ballistol is a good lube and protectant, a little thicker then some, I use it quite a bit.
It also works on leather very well like holsters that may have dried out.
I found a WW2 style shoulder holster for the .45 with the proper maker and SN probably from the 60s or 70s for an M.P. as it was black, it had some use but was mostly dried out and flattened from
storage. I used Ballistol on it and used 3 coats and it is as good as new. Just another use for it that works. :+1:


I tried it once a couple of years ago. I found it to be only mediocre as a cleaner and a little on the heavy side as a lube, so I dropped it. I’ve gone back to Hoppe’s No. 9 or Clensoil for cleaning and light Remington gun oil for lube. I also put some gunslick grease on some of my semi-auto slides, that seems to really slick them up.