Backpacking Holster pics

I’m working out my backpacking rig for the spring… going to be introducing the great grandbaby to camping. So… a backpacking holster is required :slight_smile:
I got mine from Alien Gear, this is the Shapeshifter backpack adapter. It’s got a really clever adjustable connection that lets it work for any thickness strap and has 360 degree cant adjustment. I have a thumb release on it which provides a secure hold, important since I am carrying it in a muzzle-up angle.
Its solid, secure, and out of my way for hiking. I’ll take it for a test hike when the weather warms up a bit.


No wonder. It appears from the pics you posted they use very attractive models. :innocent:


Interesting positioning, cross body draw and canted up… As long you keep the taller people on your right side I think it will work well!

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I like it.

Hiking rigs give us a lot more flexibility since you’re not trying to conceal and out in the wood I’m more worried about 4 legged threats than 2


Thinking about rain, is the barrel end of the holster open? Kids love camping, you are making some memories :+1:

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@TexasEskimo :grin:

@Dawn this position means its out of my way, doesn’t interfere with arm swing or using my hiking poles (or ski poles if I were cross country skiing). I’m not going to be muzzling myself as I would if it were on my hip belt. And it’s fully trigger protected, so I’m pretty comfortable with it there. I do think I’ll be the one hiking on the left of any group :laughing:

@Sheepdog556 especially in the woods I’m good with the 2-legged deterrent effect. It’d be hard to miss.

@Greg1 the holster is a 2-part clamshell, so it’s not going to be water tight. I think in a serious wet-down it’d call for a baggie. I’ll have to consider what the most practical option would be for that, but I’ve always got a baggie or two in my gear.