Hiking and Conceal Carry?

If you are humping a ruck of any kind, adding more shoulder and back harness is going to get very uncomfortable. This is why legal open carry is such an important option. I don’t know what kind of pistol you are toting or where you are hiking, but a pocket carried sub-compact (concealed) might work well. If you are carrying a larger pistol, then a drop leg open carry rig might be just the ticket. For sports, I often conceal using a GOOD belly band holster with a retention strap and carry a sub-compact. I put the pistol at 3 o’clock when I do this. Hope you figure out what works for you without spending a fortune and taking 2 years to get there, but that’s not uncommon either.


I carry a Sig p365. A sub-compact pistol. I’ll figure out something. Thanks for the help.


Great question @CDW15. We went on a little family trip to the smokies a couple weeks ago and did a bunch of hiking. I concealed carried on the first hike which was only about 5mi round trip. After taking off my rig (Crossbeed IWB, holster and extra mag) when I got back to the cabin I decided that would be the last time I did that with set up as both the holster and extra mag holder where soaked with sweat and needed a full day to dry out.

I’ll be looking for something I can carry across my chest, maybe in some sort of fanny pak type set up that I can rig up high. But I’m currently on the look out for a solution as well.


@JamesR After doing something research, this is what I’ve found. I need to look up more reviews to see if this is worth the money. Not a huge chunk of change but money is money. Maybe it’s something you’d be interested in as well.



These chest rigs are only $14.99 each. I have beat mine to death for months. No issues at all. Read the reviews and there is also a YouTube review. I liked it so much I bought an additional color recently.


Just spitballing…

Edited to provide moderator name and related thread: @Zee posted her hiking setup, which IIRC was a G30 mounted to her shoulder strap (open carry).

Depending on how small you plan on making your day hike backpack, you could also try a sling pack. I used to carry a sling pack on the motorcycle because I could rotate it around my body quickly and get to what’s inside (helped for toll change or a quick sip from a water bottle when stopped). Some sling packs have an extra “quick access” compartment seperate from the main compartment which might be good for your CCW. Personally, I used the slingpacks with a chest strap to stabilize it while leaning off the bike in turns (might be helpful with active hikes).

I’ll add, that I use small sling packs, as the bigger and heavier they are, the less handy they are to rotate around. It might not work well if you have bulky or heavy gear.


I do not know about ya’all but, I carry a .357 Mag out hiking or horseback riding. I personally would be worried about a Mountain Lion versus a 9 m.m. but, that’s just where I am at. I forgot to mention the bears too. I have not worried much about Sasquatch but it is on the endangered species list. These are the things I have be vigilante about. I carry at 3:00 but that is again just me. My every day carry is a Sig P365XL at 4:00.


Yes this is very nice also @TexasEskimo. I like the open carry chest rig holsters that are on the market now also. They are good for hiking and hunting.


Depends on where I’m hiking. In the Midwest, I carry an EDC (which is either a .45 shield or a Sig 938). When I’m out west, I carry a 10mm if I’m fishing. If I’m hunting, I have the 10 mm and a rifle with me. Why both? It is a lot cheaper to deliver a coup de gras with a pistol than a rifle.


This was exactly what I was thinking! Thanks @CDW15!! Although I may need to look at @TexasEskimo 's option from a price perspective.

That fine line of I don’t want to cheap out, but that price is a little steep…but might be worth saving up for.


And I’m really digging how it will attach to my hiking pack!


And they hold more than you would think. My contains…

  • Wynex Recon Kit
  • Weight:
    Without Weapon: 3.0 lbs.
    With Weapon (Glock 43): 4.2 lbs.

Front Outside:

  • 90 Degree Clip on/Magnetic Flashlight
  • Glock 6rd Magazine

Front Outside Zipper:

  • Glock 43
  • G43 Trigger Guard

Front Compartment:

  • OC Spray
  • Cree Mini-Flashlight
  • PB Snack Packs (2)

Middle Compartment:

  • 2 Glow Sticks
  • Signal Mirror w/ Whistle
  • 3x5 Memo Pad
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Utility/ Multifunction Knife

Rear Compartment

  • Headgear for Flashlight

  • Large Utility Knife

  • Duct Tape

  • Multi-Tool

  • Baggie with:
    Sheets of TP
    Bic Lighter
    Super Glue
    BandAids (S/M/L/XL) 4 Each
    Lens Wipes


Just placed order…Thanks Tex!!


@TexasEskimo My brother you are so prepared and that is a sharp looking bag.


@Johnnyq60 That’s nothing… here is my “get home bag” I put in my car…

  • 5.11 Tactical Rush12 Backpack 24L
  • Weight:
    W/O Weapon: 13.0 lbs.
    W/ Weapon: 19.0 lbs.

Strap Pouch ( R):

  • Upper
  • Lower
    Glock 17 mags (2x17rd)

Strap Pouch (L):

  • Upper
  • Lower
    Glock 17 mags (2x17rd)

Front Compartment:

  • Bushnell 16x52 Monocular
  • Metal tin (w/Lens Wipes & Cloth)
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Protein snacks

Inside Comparment:

  • Kel-Tec SUB2K PCC
  • Water Bottle (w/ Glow Sicks, electrical tape, plastic garbage bag)
  • Clamps
  • Paracord 100’
  • Poncho/Shade
  • Tourniquet
  • Isreali 6" Compression Bandage
  • Lifestraw
  • Plastic Wire Ties
  • Lightweight Straps
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Work Gloves

Top Front Zipper Pocket:

  • Folding local typography map

Top Back Zipper

  • Shooting Glasses

Rear Compartment:

  • Hydration Bladder - 2 Liter

Molle Platform ( R)

  • Tactical Trauma Kit

Molle Platform (L)

  • Cell phone
  • G43 Mags (2)
  • [Extra room for other supplies/ammo]


How is it drawing from the chest rig you have? That was kind of my concern with that. The one I posted is designed for a concealed carry pistol and made to be drawn from. Not that yours isn’t, but I see the zippers are set up differently. Does that hinder drawing the firearm at all?




Nice brother you can attach all your bags also correct.

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With a little practice is fairly quick. Just unzip with one hand and pull out the firearm with the other. For added safety I have a trigger guard that is clipped inside the pocket. So when I remove the firearm the guard detaches.


Alrighty thanks. I appreciate it. Placed my order tonight.

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Just remember to carry for the anticipated threat. If in a local widely traveled area I carry my EDC in a usually manner. Knocking around the toolies it’s a .357 owb. Out west it’s a .44 mag owb. I want enough beans to neutralize the threat, whatever the threat may be. Many moons ago a buddy and I were scouting for a deer hunt in a fairly remote National Forest about 2 miles from the nearest road. We were set upon by a large pack of feral dogs-I wasn’t especially worried about being killed but I darn sure was concerned about being bitten and going through the whole rabies shot thing.long story short we were up a tree for about 45 minutes and very cautious about working our way back to the truck. From then on I am NEVER out unarmed.