Austin Cops Tell Robbery Victims to Call Non-Emergency Number amid Crime Wave

Austin PD

Also Austin PD


From one of the news stories:
In July, a Texas man who [found]a dead woman in her backyard….

It’s getting too hard to keep pronouns straight. A dead woman can now own another man’s backyard. Who knew?


This country is a ‘FAILED STATE’.
Right up there with Greece, Venezuela, Australia
and many , many others.
The Puppeteers and Elites are laughing while this country
circles the drain and .Gov sanctioned Anarchy ensues.
Police say " We are not here to Protect and Serve"
(well take that phuckin’ slogan off your fenders then and turn in your tin stars!)
“Call 311 if you are victimized”, Vet’s are dying on our streets FORGOTTEN
while 'Migrants live it up in Blue city recreation centers (MSN reported Illegals–
FROLICKING in city pools and Rec centers while Vet’s starve).
It’s past time for the LION’S to say enough!


It’s beginning


It’s about time brother!
NO 50% of our children ARE NOT LBGtlkhphdih[ouh]8f0r7 !
NO they are NOT the School/.gov’s Children!
NO they are NOT in danger in their own homes by their parents!
NO more INDOCTRINATION, these kids should only be told, raised, LOVED by their PARENTS!
But you tell a child they are Gay/Queer/Mis-gendered SOME WILL BELIEVE it!

Anything .gov touches DIES ! and that’s including our Children.