Attorneys on Retainer - Self-Protection Plan - National Announcement

I’ve watched his videos on USCCA, CCW Safe and US LawShield and reviewed the contracts…everything he talks about is directly off the contract…

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He makes false statements. No emotion, facts.

And my comment about being sure to read all the verbiage is for all parties/groups/membership being discussed, including his

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That is a great question…had to hit up my attorney friend and he said this, "Felony charges can arise out of the use of one’s fists, a bat, or a knife. Generally speaking, in many states, merely using a bat or a knife to commit a simple assault will result in felony charges. Using fists to commit an assault that results in a serious physical injury often results in a felony charge as well. In both cases, self-defense is available as a defense so long as the facts support such an argument. "

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I’m not sure I’d refer to a bat or a knife as “merely”…those are serious. I…have to wonder who would refer to assaulting someone with a knife as “merely”. I’d expect something like attempted murder for that…

I’m sure felony charges can arise out of a use of one’s fists, bat, etc…not sure if I’d want to be in the position of hoping my lawful self defense was charged as a felony instead of a misdemeanor when I pushed someone so that I’d have legal assistance but we all get to make these membership/etc decisions for ourselves.

I really only want people to make the decisions based on accurate, complete information. That’s all.

I would assume so, and if thats the case it is because

A. This is a high profile case
B. USCCA does not believe this is self defense.

I’ll just note this, go through all of conceal carry magazine, all of into the fray episodes, all of the protector academy, and ask yourself this.

With the advice and resources that USCCA has given us, did this man do what they’ve been telling him to do?

My guess probably not so…

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This could become critical in Illinois. For example, what happens after January 1st if an Illinois resident is partaking in civil disobedience by not registered a commonly used sporting rifle with a standard capacity magazine, and is then involved in defending himself and his family from home invaders?
The defensive weapon will be declared illegal.
Will he still be defended?

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Violating a state carry or possession law is not itself an exclusion

But, that is for the lawful act of self defense not otherwise excluded. Any charges for the illegal possession expect to be on your own for those


USCCA says as long as it was possessed legally BY FEDERAL LAWS

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USCCA has proven this is actually CORRECT. They have dropped two clients in 2023 alone that is known about.

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I am quite sure they have not (have not dropped members due to violation of a state conceal carry law)

What information are you seeing claiming two USCCA members were dropped, let alone in 2023?

But maybe I am not following what you are saying since it was a response to a response kind of thing lol

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If you are referring to Kayla Giles, that was I believe from 2018 and she committed a pre planned murder. If the other you are referring to happens to be Alan Colie, he was never denied coverage or dropped.


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This has been “hot topic” for some time, discussed and explained several times.
Can you give us the exact names of those two clients you are referring to?


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They are going nationally. Muahahahaha

USCCA doesn’t make the call as to take the case or drop the client anyway. That’s going to be up to the insurance company they use.

Appreciate it Forensic_Wow.

The more I hear about this topic, the more comfortable I am within the circles of the USCCA and Delta community, and the more I wanna stay “clean” living.

Carry on and stay safe.

In the words of our immortal and beloved ‘BobbieJean’, don’t drink the “kool-aid”, don’t even drink the hard stuff, who needs that; Get high “on life”, and drink root-beer, I’m haven one right now, no joke man.

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